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Excerpts from Melga Folgore's diary, never published

Melga Folgore's diary
Winderly 16, CA2 2612
Apocamus is inconsolable. He still performs his duties as an Instructor correctly, but he is more severe and demanding than before with the teams he trains.
Orphie… Orphie, but why did you have to go there, and alone in addition? Why were you interested in Tepsen? Because we found his amber cube in the Kitins' Lair? If I'd known, I would have held you back. I'm sorry.
You've left a great emptiness, and the atmosphere in the camp is gloomy. The Rangers are much affected, myself first.

Winderly 22, CA2 2612
Today, we received Daeronn Cegrips who came to share his conclusions after first analyses of the kirosta sting found near the lifeless body of Orphie. Of course, he asserts that no kitin of such darkness has ever been seen on Atys, either on or under the Bark.
Some Rangers want to return into the depths of the kitins' lair in search of the kitin this stinger was arming. Well may I tell them that, as her first-rate Ranger seal was not enough to protect Orphie, they don't know what awaits them, they persist in their desire to go and see. That's sheer madness: such a search will only end up making us mourn other deaths. I am tired of all this.

Winderly 25, CA2 2612
Routine matters have been piling up. Orphie had neglected them a bit to devote herself to her research. I have a lot to do.
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