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Patch 847

Updated textures

  • The icons, UI (user interface) textures and all maps of Atys has been upscaled by AI to get an enhanced HD version
  • The maximum zoom of the map has been increased.

Updates with Integrated auto-translation (DeepL)

  • The bug with colon (:) character at the beginning of a sentence, which was preventing players from writing smileys has been fixed;
  • The Guild chat is now translated;
  • Custom emotes text are now translated.

Marauders Fame

  • All other fames are now capped to -40 after a character has done the marauder rite;
  • A marauder can do missions from the Masters of the Goo tribe to increase the marauder fame above 50;
  • A teleport fx has been added to Marauders as for Kami/kara. To display the teleport fx, a marauder must have 100 in marauder fame.


The Course

  • The upper part of mission journal has been modified and a new feature added : the Course;
  • You can select in Daily Mission window to follow the Course for the missions. When selected, a tracker will be displayed and you will be able to know how many daily missions you have finished;
  • The Course will be used in future for other features like Storyline, Events, Dynamic Events, etc;
  • When you click on the Course, the Mission booklet is opened.

Marauder Gameplay

  • A maraudeur mini campment will be created in each continent. The first one, in Aeden Aqueous, is up with missions to lower the Tryker fame;
  • The zinuakeen of the region has been moved to the mini campment;
  • Addition of a third skin for outpost drills: the Marauder one, available to any guild whatever its Faction.

The Ryzom Team remains at your disposal for any additional information and best wishes to you!

Ryzom Team

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PATCH 847 - Additional explanations


  • The Nexus missions are temporarily unavailable. The speed of arrival of the fix will depend on the number of liters of coffee you send to the Dev.
  • A title display bug has appeared. The Dev is waiting for you to decipher the hieroglyphics before correcting it. ;)

Marauder gameplay

  • The new drill is visually a marauder but does not yet drill marauder OP material, this will be added in another patch. In the meantime, it is visibly succeeding in diverting OP material from the Powers incognito.

Mysterious OP at the Nexus

  • Four new outposts have appeared at the Nexus. They are outposts without any roleplay connotation which, once activated, will be used to carry out the tests of the "OP refactoring" project in real conditions. The participants in these live tests will all be rewarded.

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