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Krill was looking at the Fairhaven's billboard, grumbling in her bunches. Just her luck. She never got interested in politics but when, just for once, she was in need of an assembly... there was no one. And she was just unable to remember who currently was a taliar or even a talalochi. Well, too bad, since policians didn't want to put their shoulders to the wheel, she'd found someone else to bother. She quickly swept through her usual list of targets... She was spoilt for a choice. Eenie meenie miney mo... the nair-commander!

She settled at the bar, ordered a beer, found a feather and a piece of parchment still usable in her bag, and began to scribble a few words.
Krill's letter to Jazzy
'doy the nair-commander,

I've got some work for you. You should warn whom it may concern, and I let you decide who it is who may be concerned, you see how nice I am with you since you're paying so many of my beers... Well. You'd better spread the word to potential travelers that Lands of Umbra are a mess. Even more than usual. There is no way to pass anymore between the Trench of Trials and Gate of Obscurity. A group of homins who don't even want to chat over a good beer is blocking the whole way at Darkenwell.

It's no lake territory, but the few words I heard reminded me of marund. And Bounty Beaches are not that far. Since you wanted to reactivate AFU or whatever, eh, I'm offering you a great opportunity to put yourself forward.


The Trykette read her letter once again, shrugged, and put it aside for when she could find an messenger izam. It could wait until she finished her beer.
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