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Do you know your own backyard?

What?: Hide & Seek
When?: On Saturday, 27 February 2021 18:00:00 UTC (3 years ago)
How?: You can put your knowledge to the test and show the whole of Atys that you know where you are - or rather where I will be (or one of my friends here). We will show you what the person sees (a screenshot like this, and you have to get to that place quickly and trade the person waiting on that place for a reward. You will not know whom to search, though.
There will be several places (maybe around 10) all over Atys where we will hide and wait for the knowledgeable barkograph to find us quickest.
There will be quests which will be easily accessible to characters of all levels, but also some locations which will be in dangerous regions as well.

Can you help?
If you have an exciting and under-appreciated location on Atys, please let me know, where, preferentially in the form of a screenshot as above and one which indicates the position (also as above but with the ingame map visible and zoomed in, so that one can make sense of it). But you can also send me a message and describe the place or walk me there, if sending screenshots is difficult for you.
If you feel like providing a nice reward to be won, please do, contact me either in game or via RC. If we collect enough prices, we might also award the person who finds the most places.
If you want to be the person hiding in a place, that might come in very handy, too :)

There's truth in a glass of wine, there are definitely some flowers hidden on Atys. See you around

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Update for the hide & seek tomorrow

Where and when?

Chiang the strong, 18h UT

You will need a web browser in order to display some images. Easiest is to open the ryzom chat in a web window and login with your character:

We will create a separate channel (league) for this event

Typical procedure

One person will hide on a certain place. A screenshot will be posted which shows what this person sees.

The first three people to trade with the hidden person will receive a token verifying participation.

After all hidden person have been found, we all meet back at Chiang the strong on Silan and the people with most points will be rewarded.

The winner may choose first, then the uprunner etc till all prices have been distributed.

We will start with a short run around Silan for the new players with separate rewards. And then head over to the main round with places all over Atys. There will be two or three hidden people per continent (we will see how long it takes). Everytime another person will wait - son don't even speculate on targeting me :)


This is the current list - maybe some things will be added or changed:


  • Dante – armour (Vino forever! Vest by Ajnaja)
  • Cukan- jewlry set q190 (Vino forever!)
  • pumpkin helm (+60HP, +52 sap, +68 stamina, +14 focus - thx Nilstilar)
  • 200x q200 fine fibres for aspiring crafters (thx Rizyinshi)
  • 200x q200 fine fibres for aspiring crafters (thx Rizyinshi)
  • 50 Nexus-Mats (q200, supreme)
  • stave of frost (q150).
  • digging set q90 with light armour, pick and jewels (thx Sorum)
  • Heavy armour q80 + 2H sword (thx Sorum)
  • Schmuck q150 HP (thx Xeixes)
  • Schmuck q250 HP (thx Xeixes)
  • 2H-Axt with max damage. Quality (Level) and country of origin your choice (thx Sorum)
  • 1 laddle (thx Alexarwe)
  • 1 laddle (thx Alexarwe)
  • 1 gingerbread (thx Alexarwe)
  • 1 gingerbread (thx Alexarwe)
  • 1 magic amplifier  q150 97% (thx Alexarwe)
  • 1 scythe q190 (thx Alexarwe)
  • 1 stack of q200 xp catalysators
  • 30 minor potions of the mage (thx Moniq)


  • light armour q50
  • amp q50 (thx Sorum)
  • jewels q50 HP (thx Sorum)
  • 1H-sword + shield q50 (thx Sorum)
  • jewels q50 HP (thx Xeixes)
  • 1 stack of q200 xp catalysators
  • 30 minor potions of the mage (thx Moniq)

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Update:The first 5 Atys locations:

The 2nd set of Atys locations:

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