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After downloading last patch my client don't launch, it shows "patch error". In first time, it asked for reinstallation, I did it, now appears the character selection window but the client crashes after that, same way. Can be storage problem? What do I do?

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What is your operating system? Which version it shows on login screen? Mine is currently

Can you send a ticket with link to your client.log to the support?

About storage problem, do you mean free disk space? If you have ~10GB free on device where the client is installed and some little space on disk where your profile is (both are probably on same device if default installation) then you should be fine.

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void gnu/linux, mine shows hmm I guess isn't storage problem then .. Where I send a ticket?

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On your WebIG home it is the Support icon

You can try to navigate to "unpack" sub-directory of your client installation, delete all files inside and try to patch again. However not sure if it will work while it does not ask for patch and just crash on character screen. Another option is to try clean installation again and if patch fails, then you can remove unpack files and try re-patch.

But better consult the problem with support.

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