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Ambassador Eolinius to Great Mask Mabreka
Venerated sage and Great Mask Mabreka,

I am asking your attention to some very disturbing news coming to us from the jungle.

A tribe coming from your territory has kidnapped a Fyros national in the lakes at the source. We were able to follow his tracks by following the footprints left by the Fyros who had lost his boots during the attack. These traces allowed us to discover that the members of this treacherous tribe had disguised themselves as slavers to divert attention and make a lake tribe be accused of this kidnapping.
Always going back up the traces which led us through the prime roots, we finally led to the approaches of the tribe of the Black Circle, noting that this one continued its experiments on the Goo.
They were feeding a goofied timari they were raising when we arrived. We were able to eliminate him after they dropped him on us. Luckily he was still young and weaker than the one they had sent to the Persécorces tribe.
Delivering the fyros alchemist who remained very evasive on his work, this one revealed to us that the tribe of the Black Circle was working on an improvement of the bombs in Goo to make them more powerful, which must bring back bad memories with the bombing of Zora.

In front of these facts, I request on your part a reaction of the most lively, which would deserve to appoint an inter-nation commission of inquiry on the actions of the Black Circle, three nations being at least touched by the shenanigans of these devious people, who I remind you are always suspected by the Federation of having fomented the assassination of our ancient governor Still Wyler.


Ambassador of the Federation of Naw Trykoth to the Theocracy

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From Mabreka Cho to Eolinius, Ambassador of the Federation of Naw Trykoth near the Theocracy

Ambassador Eolinius,
Can you, first of all, convey my greetings to your Governor?

Studying the goo is, in these troubled times, a necessary evil. But studying does not mean exploiting
My investigators have found, in an advanced camp, a device that appears to deepen the pumping of Evil.
Only the destruction of this device, we think, could lead the Black Circle to reconsider their way of studying the goo.
I therefore beg you to ask your governor for the assistance of the friends of the theocracy to lend a hand to the initiates in a just enterprise of dismantling. A common action will be the proof of the solidarity of the nations.

I am sure that you will be able to explain all this to your Governor.

May the Kamis accompany you in your path of life,

Mabreka Cho

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Ambassador Eolinius to the Governor Ailan Mac'Kean

Dear Governor Ailan,

following the disappearance of an imperial alchemist in the Lochi* as indicated in the letter sent to you by Nair-Kyriann, we carried out the investigation to find him in the jungle in the camp of the Black Circle tribe. These abducted him disguised as slavers in order to divert attention, with the aim, according to the information we gathered on the spot, of making more powerful Goo bombs.

The wise Mabreka, who sends you his most distinguished greetings, asks for the assistance of the Tryker nation to take part in an action against installations that his investigators have discovered that can pump Goo deep. It is an action that he believes will be a sign of solidarity between Nations.

While waiting for your response, I am following this case with the greatest perspicacity in order to inform the federation.

Ambassador of the Federation of Naw Trykoth to the Theocracy

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(*) Lochi : Lakes
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