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Salut à tous !

L'info à du etre remonter depuis le temps mais je tiens quand meme à la refaire remonter..

Je viens de pexe en loria sur les Horncher en solo, et il y a un groupe de foreur en team a coter de moi, quand j'ai pull mes mobs et passé a coter d'eux ils ont pris le lock alors qu'ils ont pas fait d'actions pour tapper les mobs.

J'ai aussi remarquer sa pour les nomée 210/260 ect qu'on peut faire solo
Par exemple je fais mon mobs à 90% hp solo mais qu'une team passe à coter elle prendra le lock + loot

Je sais pas si il y a eux d'autres trucs de ce genre pour d'autres personnes mais si vous avez des choses un peut du meme styles mettez y ici!

PS: je crétique pas le "lock" au contraire juste des bugs en solo

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Could it be possible to shoot a video that will show exactly where is the target, you and those who overtake the lock along the time? Or can you show me the problem, on Atys or Gingo?

I just guess but as workaround I would simply join a team before continue. IMHO, a group has priority in lock over a single person and if they get in aggro list of the mob by stepping in aggro range, maybe it is considered as getting in a fight with it.

I am also not sure if the water might play a role in it, I do not know/remember enough details about the lock internals now. But it must be re-tested for sure.

We track the issue as task #11006 now, in case you didn't get any number from support.

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This is an issue I reported couples of years ago by providing a whole description on how to reproduce.
With that, you can forbid one to pex and steal loot without breaking the CoC but nobody seems to care.

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Yes, you are correct, it is not the first time it is here.

The target lock was designed to prioritize teams over single players to prevent a single player to lock a boss and wait for the team. This on the other hand brings the situation that a teamed player can (even by accident) steal a lock from not teamed player. It works well on team basis, however once a single player is involved, he always loose.


I consider this to be partially broken (thus confirmed [issue]), however to allow a single player to gain a target lock will not solve the problem (more the opposite). An option might be to limit this behavior only on nameds and bosses and solve it for regular targets some other way, like highest damage.

In all cases, this is a work for the Game Design team.

Any suggestions?
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