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What if ALL items would degrade over time? Kind of a time limit... We have this durability of materials that could influence TTL(Time To Live) of an crafted item. Idea behind is to prevent people from hamstring stuff excessively...
Maybe it could affect HP of an item over time...
Maybe an item could get "repaired" to prolong its TTL...
But any item in game would in the end would die/vanish...



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If everything was bought from the vendors I would be all for this. But please no.

It has taken me about a year to win a silly plushie. And it's not even what I wanted :P I'd be super bitter if it just disappeared.

I have also stored my gear made by long-gone players. The most heartbreaking thing about the merge (for me) was losing things that had been random gifts. I would really prefer to not have to cry real tears over some pixels again.


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