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Ba'Caun Bammy once again went through the samples of materials received. Facts had to be faced: whoever was digging, the sources that have appeared around the rifts were sources of supreme materials. Of low quality, of course, but supreme ones. What if a better quality lay a little deeper? she suddenly thought. It was time to warn Daeronn Cegrips and to launch another study.

Shortly afterwards, posters bloomed everywhere.
Digger friends,
We are entering a second phase in the study of Nexus Materials.
Ba'Caun Bammy and Be'Gale Acher continue to receive materials from spontaneous sources that have appeared around the faults, but these sources seem unlikely to improve over time.
We have therefore decided to launch a larger campaign.
You will find in your respective camps new instructions from Ciro Becco and Freccio Tinagno.
We are counting on you!

Daeronn Cegrips
Scientific Team Coordinator

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