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During Anlor Winn events, it is possible to obtain special tokens, called "Anlor tokens".
These Anlor tokens can be used without time limit and work differently from the others.

Anlor tokens
They differ from normal tokens in two ways:
  • when used, the wheel can only be spun once.
  • the more tokens you play, the less likely you are to win; with 1 token you have a 50% chance, with 5 tokens you have 10% chance.

The interest in playing multiple tokens lies in the way in which the prizes are distributed. A special counter represents the number of times you have lost. It is the "Fear of being a loser". When you win, the prize depends on the value of this counter. Thus, the more you've lost, the better prize you get.

The rewards
More precisely, each time you lose, the "Fear of being a loser" increases by 1%. The maximum is 100%. At 100% the win is guaranteed.
When you win, the items you win depend on the Fear counter, according to the following scale:
  • less than 25%: classic items such as fireworks, generic raw materials, etc.
  • 25-75%: items for apartment decoration
  • above 75%: new items.

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