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Hm, like to bonus the action that you are using to fulfill DM requirements... what about green (travel and discover) missions?

This will be difficult to do, IMHO.

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you already earn XP on crafting and fight mission with mobs you kill or item you craft.
on bonus, it gives you fame and dappers/elyps.

as Moniq said, they are timed for respawn (some are up once a day, some in a few hours), I don't see the point to use them as grinding method...even fighting herbis is faster :)

I would prefer having more encyclopedies (theses are far from complete or bug free) or sage-like missions (there's only 4 extra-bugged ones atm). theses ones makes you travel a lot (and grind), may give you some nice bonus at the end, and get you into the Ryzom story.

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Understood. I don't mind grinding mobs when I'm in a group as it is socialable. However, it isn't always possible to find someone to group with when you play. I think grinding mobs alone is asking too much of new players. That is why alternative methods are good. Also, the experience points for killing these mission targets is so low. Not really a method for levelling.

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