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This is a mixture of a transcript and a report of and from the assembly in Zora which took place Dua, Pluvia 08, 4 AZ 2609 (OOC: 28 August 19 UTC).

Great Mask, revered embassadors, dear citizens,

it's a great honour to be at this meeting and I shall be delighted to be of help in improving our understanding of the events in the Nexus.

In long weeks I was able to create a map of the Nexus which indicates some of the changes which I happily give to you in order to help my home country the Zorai, to assess the impact of and possible threats from these changes.

One of the most interesting features after the Barkquake was that new ressource spots started to appear, which have affiliation with different continents of Atys. Though possible to locate many (all?) of the new, excellent ressource spots, so far I have been able to take samples from many, but not from each. Yet this map might make it easier to locate them.

Mind that they are commonly guarded by a more vigilant and stronger type of Gibbai who dwell near the ressource spots. They also feature particularily nice jewelry which might be related to their occupation of these exceptional ressource spots. For their additional protection they seem to keep a group of equally exceptionally strong Cuttlers nearby which are also a threat, even to experienced fighters. Whether and if so how they are related to the Gibbads (in the Void) is unclear.

Thank you.

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