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The Royal Herald delivered the following news in every city of the realm:
The Karae Tamiela Fera Fillia di Torani will assemble its Court in the Throne Room on 7h - Prima, Winderly 19, 3rd AC 2609 (*). The assembly will be dedicated to Science, mainly with regard to recent events in Nexus.

May the Matis Knowledge radiate far beyond our borders!
Karae Aiye! Matis Aiye!

* [HRP] On Sunday, 2 August 2020 19:00:00 UTC (4 years ago) [/HRP]

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Lylanea had already heard of this assembly through the grapevine.
Now she stood before the official announcement and pondered if she really should attend.
Her days as a loyal and devoted subject to the Matis and Jena were long gone. She‘d taken to the calling of Ranger and now served a greater purpose. But still, ...
The upheaval of the Nexus concerned all of the Four Lands, if not all of Atys.
She resolved to see what the scientist had come up with and hope for the best. If the , the Goo or something worse had caused this strange phenomenon, it was her obligation to help combat it. She‘d be there.


Lylanea Vicciona
Bard of the Four Lands

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Le 18 de Medis 2609-3 - Rapport à Tamiela Karae
Votre Majesté,

Je viens ici vous rendre compte des suites réservées à l'appel que vous avez lancé à Votre Cour après l'épisode malheureux qui a conclu dramatiquement sa dernière assemblée. À savoir, rechercher le garde d'Yrkanis félon qui venait, après l'avoir assommée par surprise, de dérober à Chiaera Cuirinia un sachet des graines de la Barrière Végétale… Graines sur lesquelles la Botaniste Royale mène, à son tour, les expérimentations entreprises par son prédécesseur aujourd'hui… disparu (j'insiste).

J'ai donc la joie de vous informer que le félon en question a pu être localisé, dans l'heure suivant votre appel à sa traque, devant le portail de notre capitale où, poussé dans ses derniers retranchements par les Alkiën et la Maîtresse d'Armes, il fit soudain (tel Ciccio Perinia naguère) jaillir du sol un gigantesque psykopla surpuissant ceinturé de congénères moins imposants mais tout aussi malveillants : le criminel savait parfaitement quelles graines voler et comment les manipuler ! Alors que les présents, le moment de la stupéfaction passé, ripostaient victorieusement aux attaques des monstrueux végétaux, l'homin profita du répit pour s'enfuir vers l'ouest… avant, Jena soit louée, d'être à nouveau encerclé par une dizaine de ses poursuivants les plus chevronnés.

Aucune menace, hélas, n'ayant pu lui faire cracher le nom de ses commanditaires, Dame Baeline, Ser Nathanel et nya heren SerTapco n'ont eu d'autre choix que de faire périr l'infâme traître sous leurs coups… pour le voir aussitôt relevé et téléporté en lieu sûr par les Puissances.

Deles necat, Na-Karae, e Matis Aiye !
Nilstilar Thorec
Bohorën d'Alkiane
Ambassadeur de Sa Majesté auprès de la Fédération de Naw Trykoth

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Report of the Court of the Karae held on Floris 29th, 2609-3 (1)

At the invitation of Nya Karae Tamiela Fillia di Torani, fifty hominas and homins from all nations curious about our science gathered in the Throne Room of the Palace of Yrkanis to exchange the results of the observations made in the Nexus Minor, the region of Atys the most deeply affected by the barkquake of Medis 19th, 2608-2 (2).

Given the colourfulness of the assembly, the Karae opens Her Court by recalling the protocol that governs it… In vain, since its work will later be delayed or interrupted by the crash irruption of a curmudgeonly (but disciplined) Fyros patriot, the misguided presence on the scene of two young ill-mannered Matis in search of a reward, various whispering between some Fyros and other breaches of etiquette.

The successive interventions of Bubbason-ito (mischievous Zorai a bit off-topic), Ser Tapco (heren of the Alkiane Order), Serae Zendae (Masteress of Arms of the Kingdom), Serae Lylanea (ranger bard formerly Companion Lady of the Karae Mother Lea), Elke-miko (assiduous Zorai cartographer) and Ser Nathanel (heren of Strange Ones and skilled craftsman) could nevertheless be heard by all… and made possible the information of everyone about strange phenomena. Namely, that the disruption of the Nexus referred to above has had consequences:
  • on its topography (obviously), which now shows, around Hammer Hills, not only enchanting landscapes but also unfathomable chasms;
  • on its flora, where forest species now mix with species characteristic of other ecosystems (alaos and jayazengs of the Jungle, trumpers and small flyers of the Lakes, as well as olansis of the Desert) but also forest species, such as the angelio, once unknown in the region;
  • on its fauna, whose specimens are now more aggressive and fearsome than before the catastrophe, including the gibbaïs, more vindictive and dangerous than ever;
  • on its resources, at last: not only have the materials extracted since last year in the Nexus that could have been examined proved to be of exceptional quality, but they also seem to be at the origin of the changes, characterized above, in the regional fauna and flora.
At the end of these exposés, whose content (as well as the final remark of the author of this report) leaves her for a moment pensive, the Karae resolves to visit the Royal Botanist and heads to the Great Greenhouse with no other escort than Serae Ayala and those present… Line Cuidi is discharged. Motivated by the Karae's desire to gather Chiaera Cuirinia's opinion on the reported observations, the expedition will, alas, have a very different epilogue: upon arrival on the scene, the group of curious people discovers the botanist lying on the ground, her forehead decorated with a substantial bump. Once revived, Chiaera explains that she had just been knocked out in surprise by an Yrkanis guard while she was examnining a batch of seeds for the Plant Wall (3)… Batch whose vanishing she then notices with horror. After expressing Her displeasure (and Her regret for the discharge given to Her personal guard), the Karae, remembering having passed a solitary guard as she entered the Great Greenhouse, asks those present to go and search for him while she will go and relate to her husband both what Her Court has taught her of the worrying situation in the Nexus, and the no less worrying episode that followed.

Editor's note: The continuation (and end) of the account of the events of that day is, in fact, constituted by the missive the author of its beginning above addressed earlier today, on behalf of the Alkiane Order, to Her Majesty Tamiela.

(1) [HRP] Sunday, 2 August 2020 19:00:00 UTC (4 years ago) [/HRP]
(2) [HRP] Tuesday, 5 May 2020 19:00:00 UTC (4 years ago) [/HRP]
(3) See post

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