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When you finish a daily mission or when you have validated a terminal in Nexus, the "Daily Mission" window opens, with the maximum size - so if you have mobs on your buttocks, you can't see where to go...

I put it in tranparent, to reduce the impact.

That said, if at mission validation, it could be displayed in a smaller size (e.g. 100px x 200 px ? or in folded mode), I think it would be much more practical...

You too? D

Moreover, on this one, the encyclopedia also opened LOL
(I'm still trying to narrow down the number of clicks)

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Tout pareil que jenn, je me prend des dp quand je rend des missions journalière, DEV sadique ? :D
ça serait sympa qu'on puisse régler la taille de cette chose qui nous agresse :p

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