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#1 Multilingual 

Multilingual | Français | [English]

I'm happy to inform you that the Tournament is taking shape! See highlights on the flyer above and more details below.

  • Date: August 23
  • Time:7:00 pm UTC
  • Location: Matis Arena
  • Challenge: 1v1 & 2v2
Registration is open!
> To register, contact me in game via private chat or by sending me a mail at Tarka before August 14.

- Fee: 1M Dappers & Free for F2P players.
- Prerequisites: Being able to wear either Q250 or Q120 equipment.

*Prizes to win!

- Each participant can keep the equipment provided by the tournament!
- In addition, each winner will receive 1M dappers + an amplifier Maga + a title for the tournament valid for a full year.
- A Marauder helmet + a Gubani mount are also available to win!

- Pools are based on the quality of equipment that the participant can wear.
- 1v1 & 2v2 battles will be split into 2 pools: Q250 & Q120.

- All equipment will be provided by the guild "Grave of The Fireflies" and donors.
- For each participant, the equipment will be crafted exclusively in Q250 or Q120.
- Each participant will get a set of jewels + a pair of amplifiers.
- Each participant can choose ONE combat weapon (for example: Two hand axe, one hand sword with shield, two daggers, etc.). Range weapons are not allowed.
- Each participant can choose his/her set of armor (for example: Heavy armor, medium armor, light armor or a mix of those.).

- During the battle, the participants must remain in the arena.
- Easter eggs and potions are not allowed.
- Since the equipment will be provided, any personal items will not be allowed during the battles.
- In the scenario of a tie, an extra battle will define the winner.

- About 2 hours

- If you participate, the day of the event, make sure to arrive a half hour early and to leave enough room in your inventory to carry our equipment.

Good luck and have fun!!

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#2 [en] 

Go and make such tournament Tarka...

#3 [en] 

That sounds to me like something genuinely roleplay which needs no additional support from the game side itself as everything needed is already available.Thus it could be player-organized in a similar fashion like the boss-hunt rounds or  the recent blackmarket.


#4 [fr] 

Yes I beleive that would work Elke.

Any volunteers to organize such event?

I'm personally too busy but will be happy to assist as much as I can. Please feel free to contact me ingame.

#5 [en] 

basically not bad but:

first of people with best equipment probably will win get prizes and next time have even a better chance to win with the better equipment they won before and so on.
You will create a "champions league" like in football where you are in or not and if not no chance to get in except a russian billionaire starts pushing.

second a question to your pool of levels idea. you really want to let people at L150 fight against Masters? seriously?

I think somehow (no idea how) equipment should have a cap to make it fairer.

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#6 [fr] 

What I wrote is more like a draft.

Good point Arxxan,

Having experienced other tournaments, in one of them, the equipement was provided for the fights, this way combats were more even. It's definatly something that could be put in place.

Regarding levels, I would like anyone to be able to participe, not just masters. In a practicle aspect, 3 pools of levels would be easier to manage, but... since the equipement will be provided:

> Equipements for Q50, Q100, Q150, Q200 and Q250 (=5 pools)
> The participant will be affected to the appropriate pool based on the equipement he can wear (based on his level).

Since a large amount of equipement need to be prapared, participants will have to register prior to the event.

I think that having this event once every 6 months would be realistic.

Regarding prices, donations would be appreciated.

#7 Multilingual 

really good idea with provided equipment. also more pools make sense :)

#8 [fr] 

Hi, please check the beginning of this post to view the latest update on this event!

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#9 [fr] 

provided equipment ?

if you dont have high end knowledge and materials for all the equipment it will have many weakpoints ...

if you give all the same equipment i could look at my stats an prepare to kill the enemy based on my own weakness

if you dont give all the same equipment it will be a roll of the dice who choose the right weapon etc.

#10 [en] 

if you give all the same equipment i could look at my stats an prepare to kill the enemy based on my own weakness
why not?
choice generic gears
weak points will be know to everyone before start even w/o looking

#11 [fr] 

the fights will last under 3 sec as elektro will not be covered in jewels for example

#12 [fr] 

I will not divulge our recipes, but be reassured that the equipment will not be created with generic mats ;)

#13 [fr] 

but all get the same ?

#14 [fr] 

Correct Nathanel, everyone will get the same equipment.

The difference will come from the choice of the close combat weapon and the armor set (heavy, light, medium or a mix); so choose wisely!

#15 [fr] 

This could good, but for pvp you need good jewels. I can't have good jewels with choice mats. Will there be just one set of jewels ?

for 2v2 for example, fight will be pretty boring if you can use just one weapon oO

plus I don't get the point why range weapons are not allowed :O
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