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...but maras can have -48 or -47, don't remember exactly...

I am afraid it is worse and more complicated, but it is another issue story...

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Can we limit the use of the alert to Matis with a reputation greater than 50 for example?

Really like this idea, why not make it 100? This gives another reason for players to max their fame? Or 75 so Trykers with max Matis fame (I think that is correct?) can also alert the guards?

With that reasoning it should become more powerful and change aggro to marauders irrespective of their fame. But -50 or -40 is IMHO quite ok (I see and follow Moniq's reasoning for -50).

Indeed I like a fame requirement of exactly 50 for it makes sense: That means any country-neutral person with their best standing in the city, or a citizen of that country can alert the guards.

The problem with that resoning is it leaves no room for new players. They would be instantly attacked as soon as they leave the starter island.

Also, nobody would be able to align anymore. Everyone would have to be neutral or ranger.

I think we have a mis-understanding here. My argument was in favour of:

* ringing with fame 50 or more (thus neutral and citizans can alert the guards
* guards attacking players of fame -50 (or maybe -40 or -30)

That leaves most players, and especially also new players the chance to go everywhere and not attract aggro by guards. The minimum one starts with after leaving Silan is -20. Mind this is different for the Karavan or Kami fame which - in my understanding - does not affect the guards.

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Marauder can have -42 as fame if they want to.
I see the "Reinforced Vigilance" as a way for guards to kick enemies out of the territory. Usually, they are kill people with lower fame than -50, but with reinforcement they can be more aggressive, kinda state of emergency or something like that.

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Dear players,
Thanks for your feedback.
I would like to make a few clarifications.

The -40 threshold is indeed a change in the game. It contrasts with what is the norm, and that is why it is called reinforced vigilance!
Its purpose is to deter Marauders from roaming the streets of the cities and attacking players without being stopped by guards, but without penalizing moderate players from an opposite faction.

As for a possible limitation on the use of the gong, it is still under discussion.
We would like the gong to remain available to any player, even a newcomer who would be simply intrigued, but we expect you to report any abuse or exploit and will modify, if necessary, this freedom of use.

We wish you an enjoyable gaming experience!


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You talk about Marauders only, so this features doesns't apply to others nation/faction?

As an example, what about a matis with bad fyros fame going to Pyr? Will it get in troubles too or not?

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I would hope it would apply to anyone that's -40. Marauders are a little bit easier to recognize because they're known though. :(


Homin Reaper Karavan

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You talk about Marauders only, so this features doesns't apply to others nation/faction?

As an example, what about a matis with bad fyros fame going to Pyr? Will it get in troubles too or not?

J'ai -100 de renommée Fyros par choix RP. Je sais à quoi m'en tenir au niveau gameplay. Les villes me sont inaccessibles et c'est très bien comme ça (et logique). Donc il est tout aussi logique de se prendre une tatane si la réputation est mauvaise sans être maraudeur.


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