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I took the daily mission "crafting in Matis country" with the sub-title "Sai-Ju Hen wants Zorai items". Oh, nice. I can deliver Zorai items.

However he wants:
35 Li'Ninka gloves (fine, that's a Zorai item)
35 piercing Maka amunition (not cool. That's a Matis item).

It should also ask for Zorai amunition.

Screenshot of mission: https://cloud.planetmaker.de/index.php/s/2nLeQWiAAFZWpsH

Related json parts of data files:

"bcmpea17": {
"name": "Matis-Handwerksplan: Durchbohrende Maka-Munition",

"icmp1pp": {
"name": "Durchbohrende Maka-Munition",

"icmp1pp": {
"sheetid": "icmp1pp",
"type": 5,
"item_type": 19,
"race": 2,
"quality": 0,
"bulk": 0.04,
"icon": {
"main": "rw_pistol.png",
"back": "bk_matis.png",
"over": "am_logo.png"
"craftplan": "bcmpea17",
"skill": "sfr1apm",
"damage": 1

Please make a separate (sub-forum) for mission / ingame bugs.
Foren » EURE WERKE & LEITFÄDEN cannot be the right name (or rename that one to "bug reports and own creations) or whatever.

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The best way to report a daily buggy mission is to send us its ID. Secondly, if we don't have the ID we would need at least the name of the NPC.
You can send them directly to us by ticket.

Best regards,


Jadeyn | Game Master | English/French
Ryzom Support Team

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So how do I tell the ID of a mission, if the screenshot showing the mission and its text does not help?

However, another mission, another day and spending some crafting points other than intended:
The Zorai Moka crafting plan does build (one type of) Maka amunition - which is the right ammunition as required by this (though different) crafting mission (at least in the German locale). The Matis Maka crafting plan does also build Maka ammunition - which is different though and the wrong one. So this is a failure to consistently name the ammunitions and their crafting plans and there likely is some mix-up in the translation strings.

See this screenshot: https://cloud.planetmaker.de/index.php/s/YdfGfeT9bEBpyYc

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So how do I tell the ID of a mission, if the screenshot showing the mission and its text does not help?
The only place is in mission tooltip only, when you hover the mission in your list, as you can see here for example

#5 Report | Quote[de] 

this is a mistake in the german client.
What you need to craft is Zorrai pircing Autolaunger ammo : Mo-Ka

#6 Report | Quote[de] 

Sollte jetzt korrigiert sein:

https://gitlab.com/ryzom/ryzom-data/-/commit/79c005395caa8005871b 3855de2e2d8852d4d224

Falls ihr die aktuellen Korrekturen haben wollt für die deutsche Sprache, dann ladet euch das Verzeichnis herunter und entpackt diesen euer "user"-Verzeichnis (0/user).


Oder klont es per "git clone git@gitlab.com:ryzom/ryzom-data.git" und macht eine symbolische Verknüpfung zum "user"-Verzeichnis. Wichtig beim Klonen: wählt anschließend den Zweig (branch): translation-german-fixes aus.

Missionstexte im Logbuch werden dabei aber nicht aktualisiert.

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Nicht klicken!

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Sweet. Danke @Heernis


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