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Patch 2020.06.27

A client, data and server patch and a restart of the game server are planned on June 27th, 2020 in order to implement the following changes, additions and fixes:


  • Added: Objects for Events.
  • Fixed: Outpost history information.
  • Fixed: geometry of the Ranger Circle of Almati Wood and missing translation
  • Fixed: Lot of Translation issues.
  • Fixed : Rewriting Ranger Aspiration Mission.
  • Added: option in Daily Mission: Player can replace any non-occupation mission by another random (limited to 4 uses).
  • Fixed: Issue in Daily Mission where sometimes a same occupation can be appeared twice.
  • Updated : Rocket Chat in latest version.
  • Added: Macros for Zigs to enter and leave bag.


  • Added: Translations to Universe, Region and Forge.
  • Removed: All language channels (uni-en, uni-fr, uni-es, uni-de, uni-ru).
  • Added: Flags to see the original text and lang.
  • Added: Tricky anti-spam system (just prevent duplication of same text).

Ryzom Chat

  • Removed: #pub-uni
  • Removed: #pub-forge.
  • Added: #pub-forge-XY.
  • Added: emoji flags and links to see the original text and lang.
  • All: #pub-uni-[fr, en, de, es, ru] are linked to ingame Universe channel.
  • All: #pub-forge-[fr, en, de, es, ru] are linked to ingame Forge channel.

The Ryzom Team remains at your disposal for any additional information, and wishes you all the best!

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Still no way to fully disable DeepL? Like I don't want translation at all.

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Will be added, I just made it in 2 steps since it's a complex task and to valide changes one by one

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Oh nice, thanks a lot Ulu for working on it :)

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