#316 [en] 

just embrace the alts, other games have built in bots ffs, an alt being controlled by another human is not as bad as that, and those alt owners won't be rping for you even if you ban them.

and the ryzom team banned alts but didn't improve anything on the solo experience of this game, talk about tunnel vision.

I've been trying to solo level my toon, just to try it out, the sitting regen is enough time for me to make a coffe, take a P, watch a yt video, and the hp bar is still not full.

the potions side effects are more of a drag than anything, flowers don't do much, there was a good idea to improve solo experience like the firecamp regen but was ignored.

You make good points there - for improving the solo game. Those are not arguments towards multiboxing. I do agree there, especially for the usability of flowers and potions. Maybe stronger versions of those could be added in some form. Maybe some of the profession items be improved to serve that purpose.


#317 [fr] 

Its hilarious to find this topic still active and ongoing, yet accomplishing nothing in the end but more drama, imbalance between factions and lost players.

Please just make up your mind and decide on this so I can decide weather or not to return.
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