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But you can’t let us invest in our alts for ten years and suddenly take them away.

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Mais vous ne pouvez pas nous laisser investir dans nos alts pendant dix ans et nous les enlever tout à coup.

c'est pas faux :p

Et Soleya a aussi des arguments... et c'est vrai aussi que sur les temps US (ai bp joué la nuit, car travaillant en horaires décalés), il y a biien moins de monde.


peux-etre cela aurait été bien de prendre le temps d'en parler avant ?

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But you can’t let us invest in our alts for ten years and suddenly take them away.

Apparently they can. Some may call a good decision, I call it a lack of respect for the ones that invested time and money for over a decade playing by the rules.

The ball is yours, do what you want with it. Good luck, and may Ryzom live.

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To be asked directly to the support team support@ryzom.com

It's not the place for this.

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First of all: I dislike alts, but this is only my opinion and i wont use them (my alt is still lvl1 standing in void)
Its a bit annoying when you walk with people through PR when you got an alt and theyre not properly skilled when using them.
But just a tiny bit.
I see the fun and challenge of using multiple alts tho, and i feel everyone should play how one wants.

I know some multiboxers and those people were some of the more social people around. People who dig with multiple toons just so they can make pretty armours and weapons for newcomers. Constantly helpful, prosperous to this community.
I dont really want to imagine how those active players feel now, i really do not. It fills me up with sadness to see this
Ban the alts from OP wars, screenshot if there is some violation. Same could be done for bosses.
In this game that promotes freedom so heavily, it is sad to see such a dictative decision - Hypocrisy at its finest.

I may not be around here the longest. in fact im a toddler compared to most of Homins here.
Maybe my perception may be impaired, but it feels like most complaints come from marauders, who just came back recently.
Given the situation i strongly doubt those maras will stay for long.

But yeah, sure, keep listening to those players who wont stay here, change the rules, destroys peoples fun and hard work, just because someone who will leave after 3 months of playing again.

For those RP reasons, let me tell you im a RP fullblood, but RP is just like religion: you dont shove it into everyones face.
(OOT: also id like to say that most peoples RP here is really really bad RP "you not my nation i dont play with you bye" instead of a proper trashtalk? This just seems like a lowkey way to ventilate your inner hate, just my two cents on this.)

tldr: id like to see not an alt army on OP wars, or doing someone a boss, or farming dante that way. but this is not the right way. not at all.
Dont push a stick through your wheel while riding a bicycle, Ryzom Team.

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To be asked directly to the support team support@ryzom.com

It's not the place for this.

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The new CoC are not applyied yet. Will be applyied in future.
This is an open discussion to get opinion of everyone.

Sorry if you misunderstand it, maybe too obvious for us that's not possible to change the CoC like that without discussion.

Ryzom forge are, for us, a space for discussion with players, can explain our misstake...

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Irrelevant and disrespectfull

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Keep the discussion around Multiboxing and the indicated changes.
Identifying and dealing with actual cases of third-party software usage is a CSR Task, not a player one.

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Are you saying that we can play with four characters now?

Please answer yes or no so it inst confusing for anyone.

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really just curious,
will you also demand a full refund of all money spent if, for example, game discontinue and server shut down?

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As long as the new CoC are not modified and until you have to accept them after a patch or a subscription/payement, the current CoC remains applyied.

So you can log in and control 4 characters at the same time. But... we will also make more controls and the video can be a proof of automated actions.

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Hayt that is a great idea

#44 [fr] 


Tykus posted the changes will be made in a few days.

Will there be changes or not?

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We need answers because Ryzom is losing subscriptions over this.
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