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I just installed the client after a couple of years break. On the launcher I can log in with my old account and then I get the message that a patch is required. File 14 of 22 (construction_00823.patch) throws an error and I see the message "Patch failed!". When I click OK the launcher shuts down.
I started a second trial and got four more patch files installed before I hit the same issue. The error log disappears too fast to read it, but it seems to claim there is an illegal URL.
I have installed the 64bit client in a Windows 10 environment on my second drive, not the boot drive (which is a SSD with a rather small capacity).
Could that be the issue? Do you have any advise how I can fix this?

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Just to make sure: you downloaded a fresh copy of the installer, not just trying to upgrade an older existing copy, yes?


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We have fixed the issue.

You need clean any ryzom installation

Look here
to know what folders Ryzom installer uses

Remove all files and download it again to get the latest version

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