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New billing service

The release of the new billing service is imminent.
For more information: https://en.wiki.ryzom.com/wiki/New_Billing_Service

We look forward to your feedback below.

-Ryzom Team-

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So does this mean to pricing goes down from 8.95€ to 7.95€ like it shows on the new page?

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Quoted from the wiki:
Q: Can we continue to play if we cancel our subscription?

A: Yes, until the last day of the subscription.

Is this worded wrong, or will paid players not be able to go back to F2P?

I'm glad players will be able to un-link their own account from Steam, it can be hard to wait for a GM to be available with time differences.

I see that Braintree has offices world wide. Is it known what location the payment would show? (I have issues with foreign transactions sometimes.)

I'm not sure what to think about the shorter paid times?

I would still like to see a way to pay multiple subs at one time and be able to gift play time to other homins. Who knows what the future may hold :)

I'm glad to see some things around here are getting some updates! Kudos!


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i find the short subs ideal for getting one's inventories etc in order when normal subbing ends /ended leaving one in a tight spot respecting armor, weaponry, storage capacity limitations as F2P etc ... except for the hopefully rare scenario of not being able to pay online at all (i know of such situations having taken place 8) the short-time subs could prove to be real life savers, also for oldtimers returning to the game to straighten up GL and other problem scenarios ... ingenious those short-time sub possibilities are 8)

F2P is to my understanding always possible, if need be as a new account and in browser mode.... also good for scouting out the game before diving back in for a lengthier stay. Thus my vote :thumbsup:

(however: especially for Germany dwellers can the matter of just where one's data go (also in transit) be or become potentially very important.

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"Imminent release of the new billing service with a switch from WorldPay to Braintree"

If I currently pay through WorldPay, do I need to do anything or will the switch be automatic?


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To summarize: 

All prices are in € (it will be necessary to make the conversion when you buy), prices do not change, it's just that Braintree will propose unique purchases like Paypal but that the commission will make the price more attractive.

Paypal is managed because of its operation (you can recharge your account and pay with the balance), which does not necessarily require a credit card.

The change between Wordplay and Braintree will have to be done manually at the end of your next payment term (1, 3, 6, or 12 months).

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The chart says :

1 month 7.95 €
3 months 22.50 €
6 months 41.94 €
1 year 78.00 €

Does that mean ... ?
https://www.xe.com/currencyconverter/convert/?Amount=7.95&Fro m=EUR&To=USD

1 month $ 8.72
3 months $ 24.69
6 months $ 46.03
1 year $ 85.61

As to the manual change ... will we receive a notice after our last payment is taken ?

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Yes fyrosfreddy, but your transaction will be in € an will cost you the real price in $ 

That's why I said: Price don't change.

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Well, I did have a reason for asking ..... I been paying $2+ more a month for the last 15.5 years ? Can I get a refund ? :)


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I'd like just to note something, not really related to a new billing system, but people like me that lives in a country with a very unfavorable euro-<currency> exchange rate are getting affected by the recent events, where this starts to become an issue. I'm really considering not to renew my yearly subscription because it is getting too expensive.

Even not playing I've kept my main toon subscribed as a form of contribution, and I hope I can continue doing it, but I'm just not sure anymore.

Anyway, I don't expect any action, just wanted to point out an issue with probably a very small fraction of your customer base.


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The price will not change, it will just be expressed in € 
rather when in other currencies, we will collect only €
For the favorable or unfavorable exchange rate, we are not responsible,
when we collected the subscriptions in $ or in pounds,
the prices were already indexed on the bank conversion rates.
Our only problem with collecting subscriptions in differents devises is that we have to have one account per currency and this is difficult to manage.
The conversion rate he instead of being done by us, will be done by your bank,
so I suggest you bring claim in their office, because we are in no way responsible for international banking rules.
for memory:

Europe: 1Month€ 7.95/month(€ 7.95) 
USA & Canada US$ 10.95/month(US$ 10.95)
UK £ 7.75/month(£ 7.75)

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Thank you for taking the time to comment, but as I said, I don't blame you and I don't expect any change. It is what it is and the end result will be the same. Gladly this is just a small part of your customer base (I suppose) so it shouldn't affect your operation. I for one wouldn't like to see Ryzom struggling to survive again.
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