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Welcome, ladies and gentlemen!

After the great success of the bets at the tournament "Trail of Prowess" I would like to introduce the newly established betting office

As won, as lost...

  • Who can participate?

    All homins and hominas can, should and may participate. Nobody will be excluded!

  • What is the minimum stake?

    The minimum bet is 1,000,000 dappers per bet. No crooked numbers are accepted. Only full millions.

  • When will the bets be collected?

    Bets are collected up to 1 hour before the event. Only handed over dappers are recorded and noted. No new bets will be accepted after the time has passed.

  • Where are the bets collected?

    Everywhere! Just write me via "/tell heernis" or via Rocket-Chat. I can also come to any location if desired.

  • Where can I see the bets?

    The bets are shown on my livestream. For privacy reasons, I will not show who has bet how, but only the total dappers and how many have bet on the attacker or defender. At the end the winners will be shown. Bets will only be available on Youtube during a real-time broadcast of an Event. Watch the universe channel for more information.

  • How can I be sure you're not keeping the Dappers for yourself or cheating?

    Every bet placed with Dapper and who you bet on will be confirmed with an official seal via Izam mail. The sender Heernis in combination with the seal is considered as confirmation. If you are not counted among the winners, this is a guarantee that you will receive your share in any case, even at the betting office's expense. Bets confirmed by Izam mail cannot be revoked.

May the luck be with you!

We always try to keep the effort for betting small and the fun of betting on a high level. Suggestions and improvements from the hominship are always welcome and will be considered. If you don't like something, we will be happy to listen to your suggestions and take concrete steps to guarantee the fun of betting in the best possible way.

As a bettor, the participant relinquishes his claim to the dappers he has handed over and accepts the loss of the dappers if he loses the bet, or the receipt of the dappers if he wins. The calculation of the total dappers to the winners is publicly visible and comprehensible. "As won, as lost..." guarantees for a smooth distribution of the winnings. Due to the additional effort of the organisation, the operator of "As won, as lost..." is allocated the same proportionate profit as the winners. Bets can only be placed during a real-time broadcast of an event.


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Outpost battles

You can place two bets per outpost battle

  • Bet on the victory of the attacker or defender

    You set Dapper on the attacker or the defender. All dappers are counted and the names of the bettors are noted. If the attackers conquer the outpost, the attackers win; if the defenders successfully defend the outpost, the defenders win. All those who have bet on the winner will receive their share of the total bets. Divided by the number who bet on the winner

    Dapper: 20,000,000
    Attackers: 5
    Defenders: 2

    The attackers win.
    20,000,000 / 5 = 4,000,000 Dapper

    Each winner gets 4 million dappers.
  • Bet on exceeding the minimum threshold

    You place dappers on the success or failure of the attackers to exceed the minimum threshold. If the attacker exceeds the minimum threshold and you bet on it, you win, if he fails, you lose. If you bet on the failure of the attackers and they do not exceed the minimum threshold, you win. All those who bet on the winner will receive their share of the total bets. Divided by the number of people who bet on the winner.

    Dapper: 20,000,000
    Exceeding: 5
    Not exceeded: 2

    The attacker exceeds the minimum threshold.

    20,000,000 / 5 = 4,000,000 dapper

    Each winner gets 4 million dappers.


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