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I was a beta tester way back in the day but have no reccord of my account name, i still have access to the email address i used however you need both email and account name to recover.

Is my account even still recoverable due to the length of time and company changing hands a few times and if so how would i go about it?

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About access to any testing (non-public) servers (Yubo or Gingo), you need to contact Tamarea, directly on Ryzom chat or by sending an e-mail to

To recover a regular Atys account, please contact Support team at

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By beta test i mean the original beta prior to the games original launch, just hoping an account that old is still recoverable?

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I would say no, however I am unable to check that, you need to contact the Support team at

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i feel like its a no too, as it just let me make a new account using the same email address as the old one :( ill try support anyway, ty for the help.

Pretty sure i still have the Disk i was sent with the beta installer i was posted somewhere too, shame to lose the account :(

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As far as I know, you can create several accounts with the same e-mail address. So I wouldn't consider this as a no.
And accounts inactive from before the merge have been recovered. But I don't know about accounts as old as beta. I'd give you the same advice as Moniq: contact support, give as many evidence/pieces of information you can retrieve, and cross finger.


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Hello, have you contacted the Support (


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