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In Vino Veritas

Greetings Homin!


We are the In Vino Veritas!

Your mercenarys of trust!

Reliable, non-partisan, competent!


You can hire us when the going gets tough.

We'll help you with battles you've always wanted.

Offer / Price list

Here the current price overview for OP-Fights:

Prices are fixed for one round. Rounds are separate rounds:

General basic price:

One of the following Packets for each lvl. 250 Vino-Mercenary

Package Var1: 1x Q270 Boss Loot* & 1Million Dapper OR instead of Dapper, 200 Sap charges


Package Var2: 2x Q220 Boss Loot* & 1Million Dapper OR instead of Dapper, 200 Sap charges

Grenade launchers little extra

Every Granade Launcher gets twice as much then a normal Mercenary of us.

Additional reward in case of victory - reach or prevent the minimum threshold


For each 2 Mercenarys we bring on field, we get 1 Outpost material of the contested Outpost.
Example: With 8 mercenaries brought we get 4x Outpost Materials.

*Boss-Loot from List.

We reserve the right to change or extend these prices at any time!

So, what are you waiting for? Contact one of our service staff today.

In Vino Veritas
Your Mercenary of Trust!
In wine there is truth!

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In Vino Veritas

Your mercenary of trust!


#2 [en] 

Dear Customers,
our Birthday Party is over and we have to thank everyone who hired us in the last weeks.

Somehow we need to pay our bills. So we adjusted our Pricelist a bit.
You can find our new Pricelist in the first Post above.

If you have any Questions, just contact one of our Staff members!

In Vino Veritas
Your war is our business!


In Vino Veritas

Your mercenary of trust!

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