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PATCH  2020-04-10

A client, data and server patch and a restart of the game server are planned on April 10th, 2020 in order to implement the following changes, additions and fixes:


  • Added: UI feature, a window can snap to other windows.
  • Changed: MP3 player shows absolute path and media format info in sysinfo.
  • Fixed: MP3 player shows an error when sound is disabled.
  • Added: New command /showHideUserLandMark to hide markers on map.
  • Fixed: When loading or teleporting, the client window no longer grabs focus, and the mouse pointer is no longer grabbed.

Changes to Daily Missions

  • Added: basic tokens as an option for a reward.
  • Changed: increase of 20% the rewards for missions based on Occupations Products.
  • Changed: reduction of wanted amounts for Occupations Products with a grade higher or equal to 2.

Added: RP tags

For Fyros, Matis, Tryker, Zorai, Kami, Karavan, Marauder and Ranger.
  • These tags are optional. When used, they replace the usual PVP icon (the two crossed swords).
  • You are able to display these tags only when you are in PvP mode (2).
  • To get the tags, you must equip a jewel in the earring slot, and use Elyps on nation or faction merchant to engrave the Allegory (1) on it.
  • Put on or take off the jewel to display or hide the RP tags.
  • You can show or hide these tags whenever you want. If you choose to hide them, the usual PVP icon (two crossed swords) will be displayed only.

(1) To understand better how Allegories work and come, you can talk with Zin Di-Dao at Kitin's Lair and launch chained rumors.

(2) It is for reasons of roleplay logic that these RP tags are displayable only when you have activated your PvP tag. Indeed, from a RP point of view, your character is considered a flesh-and-blood homin, and therefore cannot be invulnerable to attacks from other homins. This is not contrary to "pacifist" roleplaying (no player in PvP mode is compelled to attack), but simply reflects the physical vulnerability of the character whose role you play.

When you display a PvP tag (nation, faction, organization, etc.), it simply replaces the usual "OOC" PvP tag (the one with two crossed swords). This makes it easy to distinguish between OOC players who simply want to fight in "free for all" PvP and RP players who accept their character's physical vulnerability.

The Ryzom Team remains at your disposal for any additional information, and wishes you all the best!

Ryzom Team

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avec le tag RP le "Game Play" au service du "Role Play" super.


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There is an issue with Linux client installed via Steam. When you try to register new account and using Tab key to jump between register form fields, it crash when you jump to password confirmation.

As workaround please use your mouse to switch between fields and avoid using Tab key.
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