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KC is written in an old version of Borland Delphi (Object Pascal) with its proprietary vcl libraries and dependencies.

I looked into a port to the open source and multiplatform Lazarus IDE, however so much has to be changed it would be better to rewrite the whole program with modern system requirements in mind or even go mobile as an app.

I wrote a more detailed reply earlier in this thread if you are curious https://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=post/view/167126


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Well, i don't know Borland Delphi at all but i started a program with Lazarus a few months ago "to finally get rid of Microsoft" (i still use C# for pro devs, a few weeks ago i tested Visual C# 2019 which is very impressive but...), and to get out of Java, which is so "heavy" and ineffective.

At the beginnig it was odd and difficult because the implementation of the code is a little bit particular (and because i stopped coding for a while...) but then...
woah, it was like reaching the Lakes after going through Heretic's Hovel :D

If you're willing to re.write KC may be there's a migration tool somewhere or may be your code can be reused, frankly i'm too new to Pascal and Lazarus to be a good judge of that...and apparently you're busy with your 3D printer :)


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