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[Matis] Let the barrier grow! (2020/03/24)

Aniro hurried to meet his father, in one of the many rooms of the royal palace. He was bearing news that would, he was sure, brighten Stevano's day. As he approached the tea room, he heard his father, the Karan, conversing with his wife, Queen Miela, mother of the Karin.

After the customary respectful greeting, upon his entrance into the tea room, Aniro went on:
"Father, Mother, I have important news for you! As we agreed with Father, I have overseen the work of Ser Cuiccio Perinia and I am pleased to inform you that our Royal Botanist is ready to demonstrate the progress of his work."

"That's cheering news, isn't it, my King?" replied Miela, with a smile on her face.

The Karan's answer lashed like a whip:
"The.. progress of his work? He still hasn't finished it then, in all the time he's been devoting to it? From my Royal Botanist I expect not only excellence of skill, but also success above all! Alas, in this report of yours I see nothing but yet another draft written by a sclerotic hand, my son."

After an icy silence, Stevano resumed:
"Aniro, my son, you are the Karin of the Verdant Heights, you must learn to rejoice only in true acts of brilliance! If our dear Cuiccio Perinia is so advanced in his work as you claim, then he will have to demonstrate it before an assembly of my subjects; an assembly where you, Aniro, will be both my representative and my eyes. As for me, I will only make an appearance, with my Karae, for the public inauguration of the barrier."

After thanking his father and saluting his mother, Aniro withdrew and forthwith ordered the news be spread: "Let the fence grow!"

Karin Aniro calls the subjects of the Kingdom at the entrance to the Great Greenhouse on 4h - Quarta, Pluvia 10, 3rd AC 2607*.

On that day, Cuiccio Perinia, the Royal Botanist, will demonstrate his talent and the result of his work in designing the vegetal barrier that will soon protect the holy capital of the Matis from the repeated kitin incursions it has suffered for too long.

Aniro, Karin

* [OOC] On Tuesday, 24 March 2020 20:00:00 UTC (4 years ago). [/OOC]
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