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What do you mean by there is no enough focus for high end?
How do you dig?

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One for example empty a node of all mats then having to wait to force end it still takes time.
You are not expected to empty full node. I have not digged solo for long time, but you should aim for 10+ for reasonable time. I can do around 22 with careplanner and I run out of focus right before node timer runs out. I do not use time stanzas at all (except bonus from rite) and I do not intentionally kill nodes.

Time your action and optimize stanzas for your focus and comfort of digging.



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This is why I as an autistic never usually propose ideas how do you delete posts

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This is why I as an autistic never usually propose ideas how do you delete posts

no need to delete your postings here, Natterjack. As for your question about safely ending a dig when the focus has run out ... try simply backing away from it. I think that then your focus does yet auto-refill to its max. I also suggest trying to switch to only stabilizing and / or both stabilizing and preserving, in other words to toggle the way you careplan, then also stepping away.

all of the above (i may be wrong, but i think it works that way) should pretty close to immediately end the time out of the dig, so that you can begin a new source with full focus complement.

Hope i am right and also this answere (correctly) your question. Sorry that i did not before now notice and then get to therefore take the time needed to answer your post.
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