#1 [fr] 

L’archiviste de la chaire du savoir voit arriver un fyros qu’il connaît bien avec un livre sous la main. L’ouvrage semble être écrit sur du cuir de varinx.

Archiviste : oren pyr talumetimètos Azazor. Alors ces recherches, ça avance ?

Azazor : ney, je viens de terminer le premier tome.

Archiviste : Ah, parfait. « La logique des symboles ou la symbologie ». Houla, la symbologie. Voilà un mot bien étrange.

Azazor : En effet, il me fallait trouver un mot pour définir ce nouveau champ de recherche. On parle bien de kitinologie. Symbologie m’a semblé approprié pour parler de la science des symboles.

Archiviste : Pourquoi pas… « Tome 1 ». Il y aura donc un tome 2 ?

Azazor : ney, mais je ne l’ai qu’à peine commencé. Je dois encore approfondir mes recherches.

Archiviste : Pas de précipitation en effet. La science ne s’accommode pas d’à peu près.

Azazor : Cela dépendra aussi des retours que j’aurais sur ce tome 1. Il me faudra je pense l’aide du plus grand nombre. La recherche se doit d’être faite à plusieurs.

Archiviste : Et vous avez bien raison. J’espère que vous trouverez des volontaires.

Azazor : Je l’espère aussi...

L’archiviste emporte alors le livre et le range dans un rayon particulier de la bibliothèque impériale, accessible à tout homin en règle avec l’Empire.

Azazor ressort fièrement de l’académie, le sourire aux lèvres. Il est enfin étudiant dans la plus haute institution scientifique d’Atys. Cette suite d’ouvrages sur les symboles peut lui valoir aussi bien la gloire que la risée de ses pairs. Son travail ne fait donc que commencer. Il lui faudra désormais convaincre et faire ses preuves.

HRP : Ce livre a été relu par Namcha (loriste), qui m’a confirmé qu’aucun lucios ne peut être pris des symboles magiques dont je parle dans ce livre (vous comprendrez en lisant). Vous êtes invités à participer à la recherche pour le tome 2 en parlant ingame à Azazor ou en lui envoyant une lettre à publier ici même (ou par mp si plus secret).

La logique des symboles ou la symbologie.

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#2 [fr] 

Enfin, il vient d'achever le tome 2 de son œuvre sur la symbologie. La conclusion est osée et ses conséquences tout autant. Mais qu'importe, il se moque bien que ça ne fasse pas consensus. De l'audace, toujours de l'audace!

Le tome 2 de l'ouvrage disponible à l'Académie Impériale.

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#3 [fr] 

De nouvelles découvertes récentes lui ont fait reprendre le chemin de l'écriture d'un tome 3 sur la symbologie. Sa théorie se renforce encore un peu plus.

Le tome 3 de l'ouvrage disponible à l'Académie Impériale.

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#4 [fr] 


Grâce au talent de traducteur d'un vil matis du nom infâme de Nilstilar, les trois tomes ont été traduit en anglais. Consultables sur le wiki en français et en anglais.



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#5 Multilingual 

Multilingual | Français | [English] | Русский
The disciple archivist Pyphollo Zeps received the third volume of the study of symbology by the akenak Azazor with a smile.

“What a prolific researcher” he thought as he watched akenak Azazor slip away from his martial step. “When he has a goal, he really goes for it with all his heart!”

Without further ado, he isolated himself in his favourite corner of the Academy at the end of the upper floor to dive into reading without being disturbed.

He read the whole thing in one go and was a little stunned. All these interlinked theories made him dizzy! From simple symbols, Azazor was eventually speculating on… all fields! Pyphollo identified a thorny problem: how should he classify this? Societies and cultures? History? Xylology? Kamic mysticism? Quest for the Dragon?

“What a mess!” he moaned disheveling his mop. He struggled to his feet and headed for the office of his superior, Chancellor Euphanyx Apotheps, who still held the Chair of History while awaiting a new appointment. The latter agreed to take a look at the essay of akenak Azazor, no doubt having in mind his previous historical works through the Fyros tribes and the streets of Pyr.

– He's right, she said after a moment, the triangle with a dot is a fundamental fyros symbol.
– ney talumetimakos?
– ney, that's a way of representing the four pillars.
– The four? With a… triangle?
– Honour, Discipline and Justice for the points, and for the dot in the central square, Truth!
– Oh… subtle!
– Isn't it?
– But then does it have something to do with this observable magic glyph? Is really this… “Symbology” a seam of Truth?
– Now, that wouldn't be safe to say, in my opinion. We need the advice of experts in the various fields of study being discussed. Check whether the conclusions echo their own knowledge.
– Of course, I see.
– You're in charge, talumetimetos! Here: I draw up a list of Masters for you to visit, bearing my seal. First you'll go to Daeronn Cegrips, Grand Master of the Chair of Knowledge.
– akep talumetimakos!

So Pyphollo walked out of the office with a cheerful step, leaving Euphanix to her duties. Although… No sooner had he left the room than he saw her putting a rimmelyx on her desk to clean it up… “Damn Euphanix!” he thought, “The years and responsibilities do not alter her impetuosity!”

Huge stroke of luck, Grand Master Daeronn was there! He handed him the three heavy varynx leather bound volumes and the invitation to read them, stamped with the seal of the Chancellor, to ask for an evaluation of the knowledge they might contain.

The old entomologist grunted and squealed as he noisily handled the scrolls. Pyphollo was fascinated by the dance of his eyebrows. Sometimes one would stand up and then the other would do the same, or they would come together in a single bar, his forehead all wrinkled and his nose stuck to the leather, or they would stand up at once, eyes wide open, arms outstretched and head back. And with his mouth he made so many faces that the disciple had the impression of contemplating a frahar absorbed in the analysis of an artifact just fallen from the Canopy.

He was in the third volume when he cried out: “Haaa! Hey-ho! Aw, hell no! dey! dey! dey!”
Wham! He unloaded all the bindings into the arms of the astounded disciple, who almost toppled on his bottom.
– Master Daeronn! What's wrong!?
– That needs a bit of discipline though! Discipline! What's such a way of interpreting, of picking here and there what one wants? he exclaimed, making grand gestures. Otherwise I'm going to theorize about the moods of the queen of kitins by deciphering the backs of caprynis!
– What!? I don't understand!?
– But come on! No kitin in the Desert !? And yet to which people does the hooonooor of discovering the first nest of kitins belong? What' s the point of making a map of the Ancient Lands if you only retain what suits you!
– Honor? Um… ah… ah… I…
– ney honor! You think it's our fault, you too!? But nooot at all. Kitins are everywhere, you hear me? Everywhere under the Bark, they're teeming, and would have come out sooner or later! he hissed at his interlocutor, eyes threatening.
– Besides, he continued, look at the white kitins, known as “from the depths”, recently. Are they sparing the Desert? deeey.

Pyphollo remained dazed for a good two minutes in the corridor, then took another one to tidy up the pages of the symbology study, before timidly leading to the neighbouring office of the same Chair of Knowledge, at Master of Xylology Ulyton Meros'.

– What's that got to do with xylology? Ulyton dubiously asked, raising his head after going through several pages of the first volume.
– It will come later, Master, the disciple softly replied.
Minutes passed, Ulyton turned the pages of the second volume at a gentle and regular rhythm. However, his bald forehead was verging on the color of a kirosta in Scorched Corridor.
– I repeat my question: what does this have to do with xylology? he asked, staring inquisitively at the disciple.
– Forgive me Master… Wait, I'll… show you directly.
Pyphollo searched awkwardly in the third volume for the pages where the akenak had made hypothesis on atysian typology. His hand trembled nervously because this was also the passage that, it seemed, Daeronn had not liked.
Ulyton read conscientiously again, and the more he read, the more his complexion now turned to the Matis “hermit of Primes” and his forehead wrinkled with questions.
Phypollo wasn't overconfident, expecting the worst…

But that's not what happened, Ulyton sighed, crossed his arms, his chin leaned upon one hand. He was thinking. His gaze crossed that of the disciple as if looking for answers. Pyphollo stared at him with his mouth open, hanging upon what he was going to say.
– Is this true? All researchers do agree that we live on immense roots?
The disciple didn't know what to answer.
– I visited boreholes on the four continents, the master said, putting up a front again. It is true that the textures in the deep wood are not the same depending on whether you are in the Desert or in the Lakes. The dry bark of the Desert is quite friable, it is dug quite easily, unlike the lake soil which rests on a hard and watertight base. Forest and Jungle, as for them, their textures are similar and those I think the closest to a certain normality.
Pyphollo, relieved to see the Master at his reasoning, nodded his head while quickly taking notes on a capryni vellum.
– It's obvious that to search for fyrak, I would dig under the Desert. And even in its hottest part, under the canyons, even under the Flaming Forest. The heat comes from underground, ney that's for sure.
– On cons, the master continued, I'm skeptical about his concept of the “Prime Roots type root”. It doesn't make sense to me. Besides, most homins are wrong: Prime Roots are not roots, they are cavities!

After this interview, Pyphollo regained some hope about the value of study. The xylologist had undoubtedly been affected, more than he had deigned to admit. Good. He moved up to the Chamber of Honour, Chair of the Sword. There he found the talumetimos of Magic, in this case Fyros saddled with a Matis name, Chiargio Rorinia. As with the previous masters, Pyphollo politely explained his visit, seal of the Chancellor in support. Then while the Master took the time to read, he studiously prepared to take notes.

– Hmmmm… He really masters magic, this… Azazor? the Master grumbled as he pretended to read the author's name on the last scroll.
– ney Master, he's a legionnaire you know. Not exactly the kind of homin you want to upset.
Chiargio didn't bat an eye.
– No because… still, about magic, it's full of inaccuracies and omissions there! he grumbled as he mechanically turned the pages over in the opposite direction. And… supposedly, they did their research together!? But what is this team of no-hopers?
Pyphollo didn't like the tone this Master used at all. He said nothing, his lips pursed. He was doing all this on purpose, he was sure of it.
– These runic visions are well known, Chiargio continued as if nothing had happened. We visualize them on the target of a spell, at the moment of impact. The phenomenon is stable, modulated according to three power levels: on anum lo, di anum on, anash anun on.
Pyphollo remained stoic, but a glint in his eye betrayed his curiosity.
– But he would find nothing useful in this phenomenon to win battles, Chiargio declared.
– Usefulness in battle is not the subject of the research, intervened the disciple, but don't you think, Master, that we can attribute each of these symbols to a people and, by extension, to a type of landscape?
– dey.
– Ah? But still, they are sometimes disturbing of coincidences!
– Because, for offensive magic anyway, the phenomenon is invariant: whatever the spell used, whatever the sap or even the nature of the caster, whatever the target, whatever the place of execution… we all and always see the same sequence! he said, weighing on these last words. So no valid correlation in my opinion, he concluded.
– And… what about the other magics?
– The legionnaire can exhaust his eyes on them, whatever floats his boat.

Although very unpleasant at first, the talumetimos of Magic surprised him in the end by giving him a written recommendation for a new track that Euphanix had not foreseen for his route: the alchemists. Pyphollo therefore went opposite, to the Chamber of Discipline, Chair of Alchemy. He was received by the homine Ibissedos Diolus.

– What!? Me to get you the Sulyrus tablet out!? dey! she protested.
– But…
“Why?” Pyphollo would ask… The word remained in his mouth while memories flowed into his head: Sulyrus… Zecado Sulyrus! Renowned imperial alchemist; falsely kidnapped by Akilia Ash Storm in 2544; proved to be a traitor to the Empire in 2551, when trying to kidnap Senator Abycus Zekops. Could Chiargio have played a trick on him?
– Besides, that's completely obsolete! This modeling has never produced any tangible results!
– Just a moment! It's not a question of using it in alchemy, but of evaluating its “symbolic substance”, explained Pyphollo with a vague gesture.
– What are you talking about? I should have had it thrown in the belly of the Forge with the rest!
– Oh… dey not do that, in the name of Truth!
– Truth? What truth can come from a traitor?
– Please, talumetimos, if this tablet is of no use to alchemy, then you know that its place is undoubtedly in the archives, whoever wrote it and whatever its contents.

Thanks to his prudence and perseverance, Pyphollo finally convinced Ibissedos. Out of politeness, he waited to say goodbye to the alchemist before giving his full attention to the tablet. Painted on a board of light-coloured olansi wood, two columns put in relation at each line a sign with a root word of the fyrk language transcribed in the mateis alphabet.

Underneath were engraved the following lines:

ha fyrash ûr eps atalmeyu
justified nomenclature

Pyphollo walked towards the Chancellor's office, so absorbed in his thought that he hurtled in unannounced. No sooner had he raised his head than the shot went off and the projectile grazed his locks.
– Ah talumetimètos, you've finished your investigation, she said as if nothing had happened while making a reel to her rimmelyx before blowing on the muzzle of the barrel.
– ta… ta… talumeti… Isn't that a bit dangerous? What if it had been a Master… or a Senator!
– Bah dey dital detal, I recognize your step the moment you approach the end of the corridor. But it could also have been a murderer… who would have pretended to be you! she said a bit mocking, gently tidying the weapon in a drawer.

The disciple made his report, his superior listened while sharpening a blamyx that she had pulled out of a slit in the side of her skirt.
– Here it is talumetimakos. So, in conclusion, it is a mixed reception from the specialists. But nevertheless this intuitive approach of “symbology” does not seem uninteresting to me.
– Without the endorsement of a Chair Master, the dossier is too light. It obviously lacks a more solid foundation. It would require a better cultural knowledge of symbols, I would say mainly Fyros and Tryker, the last peoples to adopt writing.
– ney… but then wouldn't the akenak have lost its spontaneity? His deductions follow one another with the playfulness of a sprightly capryni, but they call out to me! I believe in the virtue of intuition. To sum up, the general postulate would be that the symbolic was born from the ancient and deep influence of our environment and that therefore the interpretation of the symbolic could lead us on the opposite path and reveal the secrets of our environment!
– The first part of your postulate is a simple obviousness… Let's hope that the second part doesn't lead you to a dazing emptiness!
– Hahaha ney, but… dey : for example these magic glyphs, of which we have here a proof that someone has studied them, do we see them because they exist? Or would they be a projection of our thinking?
– I don't know, magic is not my cup of tchaï. On the other hand, look, she resumed, pointing her sword at the bottom of the tablet Pyphollo was holding, it says: “justified nomenclature”.
– Exactly, I was about to come to that… What does it imply? There would have been previous researches, dey? But conducted by whom?
– By… predecessors… I know what to look for! Follow me!" she said, rising with an impulse.

They went down into the basement, with torches, into the older archives. Euphanix consulted a register, then took a few steps among the rows of shelves. She took out of a drawer a small box, which was filled with amber cubes, each in its own compartment. After examining their numbering, she took one of them out carefully.
– Consult this cube talumetimètos, if it doesn't answer your questions, it will certainly add others!
– künos akep talumetimakos!
– Don't be so enthusiastic! According to the register, it's gibberish.

Pyphollo returned to his favourite corner. There he crouched down on the floor, his back to the wall, as usual. Preciously holding the cube with his fingertips, he let his gaze fog up far inside, as he had learned. The flow of memories began to be born in him, first a sweet perfume, then a soft sound that took the form of a homine's voice, announcing:

To our regent Leanon..,
Prelude to the quest for the Great Dragon
Fundamental Magic Arcana
By the Order of the Pyromancers

Small firk/Common glossary
ney : yes
dey : no
talumetimakos : Chancellor of the Academy
talumetimètos : Disciple of the Academy
talumetimos : Master of the Academy
akep : thank you
fyrak : the Great Dragon
dital detal : young idiot
künos akep : many thanks

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#6 [fr] 

Il y est presque. Il sent qu’il touche là quelque chose de fondamentale. Comme une sorte de secret qui expliquerait tout, de ce que nous voyons sur terre et au ciel à notre propre composition, et bien évidemment sur la nature du Grand Dragon.

Pyphollo a pu lui transmettre, lors d’une discussion fertile, ce que les membres de l’Académie Impériale ont pensé de ses précédents tomes sur la symbologie. Entre l’accueil plus ou moins mitigé aux quolibets ouvertement hostiles (notamment de beaucoup d’étudiants bien nés, quand lui venait des basses classes laborieuses), on ne peut pas dire que ce soit un franc succès. Mais qu’importe, cette discussion avec l’archiviste lui a été fortement utile. Il lui manquait de la matière pour appuyer ses propos, ce qui est chose faites, notamment avec cette fameuse tablette de Sulyrus.

La théorie qu’il a élaborée est bien plus cohérente qu’autrefois. Il y a encore des zones d’ombres bien sûr, mais sa théorie de la symbologie forme maintenant un tout explicatif du monde. Azazor espère que ce quatrième tome aura plus de reconnaissance auprès des érudits. Il prend soin de fournir un exemplaire auprès de la N'ASA en plus de la bibliothèque impériale.

L'étude des symboles ou la symbologie - tome 4


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#7 [fr] 

With its poisoning to the black sap, it became increasingly difficult for him to sit down quietly to think and write. Fortunately, most of the writing was done on his return from the trip. on the road to Oflovak. All that remained was a few adjustments here and there.

Here it is at last, his fifth volume on symbology. A complete, coherent theory on the creation of Atys, on the nature of the Powers and on the why of homins. A whole theory based on the study of the symbols we see when we do magic. Of course, there are still many hypotheses that need to be backed up by evidence. But that's how he's chosen to proceed. By trial and error.

He therefore submitted his work to the Imperial Academy, along with a duplicate to the N'ASA. He knows that what he says inside will earn him enmity. But never mind, let them come and get him. He's in the mood to massacre fyrak with bare hands.

Volume 5 on symbology.


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