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This idea came to me during an OP war, but really, it could potentially affect and help several aspects of gameplay.

From an in-game point of view it makes sense:
  • Some carnivores may be nocturnal. As such, their aggro range may become longer, since their sense are keener at night.
  • Some herbivores may be better at fighting in the cold, due to their thick furs. As such, during autumn and winter their "normal" HP could be boosted by a trifle (e.g. 7%)
  • Certain large mammals may be less able to fight in a heat. If it's daylight and summer, aranas could have a 7% penalty on their hitpoints.
  • Certain plants could be invigored after a rain, boosting their attack damage.
  • On windy days, some flying creatures could have extra speed.
  • etc

I believe this would add new depth to the game, making training a matter of thinking more about what you choose to kill and when, how you choose to trek and when..

And, to finish with the idea that begun it all: it would also affect OP strategy with regard to aggro dragging. Might make more sense to set a starting time when the nearby yelks are easier to kill, or the nearby kinchers are more vicious than usual...

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It might be a little tricky to code, but I love the idea.


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Excellente idée! On a bien un forage qui dépend des conditions climatique, alors pourquoi pas les stats des mobs. Ils se déplacent déjà en fonction des saisons. Maintenant, il faut voir ce que cela demanderait au niveau du code. Mais il est clair que cela pourrait avoir de grandes implications pour les joueurs.


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Great idea!


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