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Hello everyone!

My name is Jimjoy, and today was my first day playing Ryzom. I was a little burnt out with my main MMO, and decided to give this a try since an old SWG guild mate recommended it. I admit, I was a little weary about it at first because I thought it would be a lifeless husk of a game. I have never been so happy to be wrong!

Within minutes of logging on, I had struck up a convo with other people in universal, joined a team, killed a bunch of Goo Heads (funniest name for bandits ever), and learned how to harvest from one of my team mates. Seriously, I had not even been playing for more than 30 minutes at this point! My team decided to go kill the Goo Head Leader, I told them I was too new to consider killing bosses yet, and thanked them for the team.

I settled in to do some of the newbie missions and was immediately accosted by another friendly Homin name Reinaldo. I told him I was really new and just trying to figure things out, and he said he would help me out. For the next couple hours, Reinaldo just followed me around, helping with healing and crowd control as I did all the fighting quests.

I have never experienced this level of friendliness and helpfulness on any MMORPG I have ever played, especially not in the first couple hours. And this isn't even mentioning the two other players who sent me tell messages asking if they could help me with anything! If the community of this game is always this awesome, then I don't want to go anywhere else.

I still have no idea what I'm doing in this game, but I already have multiple people I can call on to help answer questions or back me up. So hello everyone, and thanks for being awesome!

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Because ryzom!
And welcome!


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Ryzom is not a game, it's a family.


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você é bem vindo Jimjoy. Eu não sei falar inglês mas me esforço para que novos jogadores se sintam bem no jogo. É claro que nem sempre encontrara boas pessoas no jogo. mas tenha certeza que você é um amigo pra mim. conte comigo para o que precisar.

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