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Players are often puzzled as to whether a mission is truly broken or if circumstances (seasons, not fully killed spawn, whatever) are just preventing me from doing so. I'll try and keep this post updated with post number, description and status. Users can report their experiences and possible ease the burden on support staff if we can cut down on the number of mission submitted if answers can be found here. Format I'll suggest is:

Post No. - Region Mission Giver - Allegiance - Problem - Result


002 - Liberty Lake - Belchi Beerdowner - Delta House - Kill 1 Sting of level 50 or higher in Liberty Lake. Does not exist, 48 is highest in region.


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Right, so I consider this mission possibly broken:

Take the quest in Zora to make a delivery to the Icon Worshippers (Ikonenschnitzer). You bring a bag of coins to La-Viang Biani in that village who will send you to look near the waterfalls for a sick creature and bring him evidence.

Being there, a poissoned Gingo spawns which drops 4 goo-tainted pieces of flesh (see sys-info lower left). Another such creature or similar does not seem to spawn anywhere.

Returning to La-Viang Biani he seems not interested at all (see center of screen & mission window to the right).


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This mission was troublesome before.
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