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I've downloaded the two required files manually but now the installer says Extracting data required by server Atys and keeps loading forever, no matter how long I wait it's never done.

I was told that all the glitches I'm going through in the game would disappear once I stop using SteamOS and switch to the regular Linux client, and that's why I'm doing this.

Any help? The fact that developers can't come up with a working Linux installer to help make the game more popular while the game's inside is almost empty gets on my nervous.

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or you can launch the client without steam (throught navigate with the file explorer to the ryzom_client under steam folders).

It's easy, it's what I tried to say (but i was too short, I did nit explained it ? sorry)

or use the linux ryzom client, downloaded from (but then you need to ask CSR to cut your account from steam)


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I use ubuntu (latest LTS release). I pay for my account through Steam. I use the installation file downloaded from There is no reason to have a CSR separate your account from steam.

When installing on Ubuntu you need to also make sure you install the appropriate 32 bit drivers. Ubuntu default is 64 bit these days which can be problematic for older games. Try running Ryzom from terminal to see if any error messages appear to help determine for which drivers/libraries it might be trying to open.

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yeah, if your account is sub through steam you will be able to connect to any ryzom installation, it doesn't matter.

In any case, you should contact a CSR @Guarddog and save couples of euros each months. Because, if you are not sub through you pay just less each month.

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Never mind it's working now, the files I downloaded were corrupted so I re-downloaded 'em.
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