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I was just playing yesterday, today I'm presented with (empty answer from server error code 64) when I try to login, I tried to reinstall, create new account, nothing works! WTF?

Steam - Ubuntu 18.4 - 64Bit

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Now I can access my account, looks like server maintenance. Guide says that error 64 means wrong login credentials, this should be fixed + maintenance error should be more graceful.

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I use Ubuntu too

the client is better without steam :p


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What makes you say that? What's the disadvantages of installing the game through Steam?

I tried their regular client available through Ryzom's website and couldn't use it, it says error file is larger than expected every time I run it.

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it is slowier with steam

for the issue with the file size... It's an old problem with Sourgeforge, been kicking around for years.


Go to Sourgeforge and download:

1. ryzom_live_client_linux64.7z
2. ryzom_live_data.7z

Place both files in the ~/.local/share/Ryzom folder, then run the ryzom installer.

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