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I am often puzzled as to whether a mission is truly broken or if circumstances (seasons, not fully killed spawn, whatever) are just preventing me from doing so. I'll try and keep this post updated with post number, description and status. Users can report their experiences and possible ease the burden on support staff if we can cut down on the number of mission submitted if answers can be found here. Format I'll suggest is:

Post No. - Mission Giver - Allegiance - Problem - Result


002 - Antonni Benios - Sap Slaves - Kill a Gibbai of level 200 or higher in Garden of Confusion; Are named / bosses to be included in missions ? - To be determined

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Loot Level 240 (Great) Kincher

Went all thru Maze... into Highgrove ... /tar all the way through.

To be Confirmed


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By me the issue with C011V001_10769 is confirmed, I was unable to find Great Kincher in Grove of Confusion. Added to task #9971.

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Got it again ... no target reticule appears on map.


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Q250 Broken Mission Fight in the Matis Lands.

1 Morsels of Magnificent Forest Kincher Flesh of at least quality 240.
1 Morsels of Magnificent Forest Kipesta Flesh of at least quality 220 from a corpse.

Error: There are no q240 Kincher in Grove of Confusion.


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Likely this is not mission related but I can NOT take the reward ... any reward


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Likely this is not mission related but I can NOT take the reward ... any reward

It is reported and confirmed (task #7485)

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Likely this is not mission related but I can NOT take the reward ... any reward
For me it texts "You win: 20000 dappers" just after i click chest in daily mission window and only after it it open window with choices (which is unable to resolve).
Forced dappers. Richness.

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No reward offer - C005V003-10784


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Asks for 1 tuft of superb forest gibbai hair of q180+.

Frightening Gibbaïs are level 179, everything else above are nameds 210+. Not sure whether they would even drop "superb" quality.


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I have gotten cred in the past by killing nameds .... just did as a test, not sure if it is universal.


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Asks for "1 superb forest kirosta flesh", at least level 190.

Per my research, Might Kirosta (level 193) in Hidden Source should do. I triple-checked that the mission setting is for mobs level 150-199, and that "superb" materials will be found in level 150-200 regions.

I have killed several Mighty Kirostas, not one single drop. Either I am extremely unlucky, or this is bugged.

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Sidenote, the topic title may be "Guide to broken missions", but the main purpose is to report bugs (and things that end up not being bugs, but still).

Therefore I think the group of 5 related topics should be moved under Technical Support or a more appropriate section :)


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This is reported on gitlab, and gitlab is public. Unfortunately, we will soon change the location of the bug report.


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