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Apologies for the misplaced post, but I was pointed to exactly this thread by staff in reply for the ticket I made about it. Neither was I aware of the fact that there are so many possibly broken missions that it requires a whole host of threads just to keep them sorted.

@Moniq: Please move your response over to the hopefully correct thread too, ty.

@Staff: If you can, please remove my previous post and Moniq's response and maybe delete this post here as well.

@Fyrosfreddy: Thanks for explaining. Besides getting it in the wrong thread, I provided all the information I have. Like I explained before: It's NOT a daily mission, hence no mission ID, no screenshot of the corresponding window in game...
Also, if you can, please check the first link in your post, it seems broken / has a part in it duplicated.

Besides, is there any communication to be found that guides players to the right places and threads? My knowledge back from 2017 was still: If there's an IG issue, make a ticket.

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There are no links inthe 1st post of THIS thread

The links are in yellowy-orange test and should all be in the Parent thread.  I just tested all of them and they still work.

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On the good side, I had a mission to deliver a package to Lookaash whom I found way up in north part of Hush Hole area in LoL NE of Loria Stronghold. been looking for that guy for years. On the down side had another go loot a Voracious mob in Loria (other than Bolobi) and have nor yet found Voracious Wombai and Arma or Great Najabs.

His name is Looka - I wa searching for him for days !

Not in BM but here:


Mon profil sur le wiki Francais

Craftjenn, Ranger

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I belive the wiki entry for Looka comes from the old silenda DB here.  if you click on the x next to the name, it shows the same location as the armory does. amp;tid=5&sid=979

I have done several for the ProSpector Lookaash, whom I have found at 3 locations. 
-South of Watergate Border Post
-Northeast of Loria Stronghold
-Up near Cuzans Camp

AFAIK, the most complete list of tribe NPCs is here 5

Sarpes been working un updating Yubo Maps with all the tribe NPCs but he fell of the planet 3 monts ago.

EDIT:   Howz that for timing ?  :)

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I belive the wiki entry for Looka comes from the old silenda DB here.  if you click on the x next to the name, it shows the same location as the armory does.

No, the  page (on French wiki) has been created by Craftjenn - from a link found on armory by Krinseus, as she could not find him
I have done several for the ProSpector Lookaash, whom I have found at 3 locations. 
-South of Watergate Border Post
-Northeast of Loria Stronghold
-Up near Cuzans Camp
Thanks you - I will translate this places in French... and correct the wiki page :p
AFAIK, the most complete list of tribe NPCs is here 5
Thanks- but the link BM Fame Tracker is KO for me and Craftjenn - it lead to the home page og BM...

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1.  What I was trying to say is that the NPC list on Silenda predates the existence of the Wiki,  Ryzom Armory's and even BM's existence.  Credit (correct or not as the case may be) for the initial NPC name listing and location should therfore be  theirs .  Their Mapping and NPC List was 1st published in December, 2004 and been updated by the player base since then.  One of the great features of the map there is that any player can add new data to the mapping.  The Yubo Maps Bunny Tool was, with permission, based upon this data.  I went searching for looka because I had seen it on Silenda and wanted to locate the NPC for the tool and never found it.  I expect, that's what started Krinseus on the hunt leading to that post.  i started with the NPC list on Silenda, tried to find them on BM and then tried to find ones BM didn't have.   As i[m sure you have discovered these guys have as many as 6 locations and the maps usually have only a few of them.

2. If I can help, I have locations of all the NPCs listed in the spreadsheet at the link I gave you.  See below.  These were planned to be incorporated into Yubo Maps 2.0 but its author has suspended activity for the near future.  Looking for volunteers to continue work on this project.

3.  That post I linked to is not about BM Tracker.  That link is the "user manual" for the "Tribe Fame Bunny Tool".  The post begins with a one sentence warning that one should not risk running into a tribe camp before verfying that your fame is higher than -50.01 and that the BM Fame Tracker can be used to keep you from getting KoS'd.  After that 1st line, the post describes how to uses the tool, the purpose of which is all about finding the names, titles and locations of all of the tribe NPC's and tracking a player's progress raising tribe fame.

All Bunny Tools began their lives as spreadsheets, some of those have been converted into the In game App; many have not and remain as SSs made available to players upon request.  The Fame Bunny Tool is one that has not.  This SS is intended to be used by a player who wants to track the progress working Tribe Fame and assist the player in accomplishing that task.

The information in the Bunny Tool SS lists:

Columns A - D contain Tribe Name, Race, Faction (Religion) and Location
Columns E - H contain Starting Fame for a Kami dude / dudette
Columns I - J is where the user can record their own fame progress
Columns K - N contain maximum Fame for a Kami dude / dudette
Columns 0 contains how much fame the player needs to max out fame with each tribe.

Now comes the part of interest to you .... the NPC names, titles, fame req'ts and locations:

Columns P - U contain the Tribe NPCs that are in camp.  The wiki seems to be pretty up to date with these guys.

P - Tribe Chief
Q - Outpost Officer
R - Tribe Welcomer ( > -65 Fame)
S - Local / Frontier / Outlands Supplier (> 0 Fame)
T - Master / Apprentice Overseer ( > 0 Fame)
U - Ambassador to Higher Powers ( > 0 Fame)

Columns V - X contain the wandering Tribe NPCs that have no fame requirement.  The wiki, BM Maps and Silenda are missing a significant portion of these.  The ones w/ yellow background were not listed on any web sites when the tool was 1st created.   When I started doing tribe fame, the ones that could not be found listed on any web sites, were added in blue text.

V - Patroller (No Fame Req't)
W - Scout (No Fame Req't)
X - Journeyman (No Fame Req't)

Columns Y - Z contain the wandering Tribe NPCs that do have a fame requirement.  Again, the available locations sources (wiki, BM Maps and Silenda) were missing about 1/3 of these.  Again, you can see which of those that could not be found anywhere, at those periods are marked as above.

We have had a bounty offered for the discovery of any new tribe NPCs for over 2 years and so far no player has collected.  Lookaash was the most recent one I found.  Having gone looking for Looka after seeing it on silenda, I wrote it off as removed from game.  But when I got a mission to deliver something to Lookaash, and found Lookaash where Looka was shown on the Silenda map, made the assumption that the person who added Lookaash to the Silenda map, mispelled it.  During the course of maxing nation and all tribe fames in Loria, I have not as yet been given a mission mentioning Looka.  i did asked game staffer to advise if Looka existed or was a mispelling of Lookaash and the response pointed to location which is Lookaash's normal spot.

So, in summary ... the next version of Yubo Maps was intended to include the
location of all tribe NPCs that are shown in the Fame BT ... this list includes about 100 that I could not find listed on BM or anywhere else.    There's several versions of this tool with less columns and rearranged differently.  If ya like, i can give you versions by region and w/o the columns for starting and max fames, player fame etc and you can paste or link in wiki.

As for each wandering NPC having as many as 6 locations, been rolling that over in my head for a long time and have not figured a way to address

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O'Arty Jichy, Hunter

Mac'Laughan Deper, Tribe Host

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The translate function doesn't work on images .... but I gather the issue is that Kidniaks is the issue here.  Also, I assume this was not a "Daily Mission" just one you took from the NPC for building fame or collecting rewards.

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Ran into same mission as Hayt's Post again

Mission No: C0011V006_31147
Location: Lands of Loria
Giver: Ba'Neppy Breggie
Problem: No Reticule produced, No 197+ Armas

Easy solution would be to change to 192 Ferocious Armas

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Same as Post #25 ... this time no reticule on either


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Mission No. C004V001_31125
Mission Giver: Ba'Duffy Gaxy
Mission: Kill (2) Kidniak


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All infor in image
Flag pops no target reticle,
Mob does not exist

Suggest use level 208 Ferocious Wombai


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Got that one (post 42)  again today

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No Great Kipesta

Mission calls for Level 235 Flesh. Hitting the flag thingie toproduce the red reticule has no effect,nothing appears.  See image at link above all info thereon

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