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Water Carrier tutorial for making Dappers, Nation Points, and Nation Fame

by Jorgensen


1.1 What is this?

This is a very detailed, step-by-step walkthrough for doing the occupation of Water-Carrier Grade 1 and selling the products to New Horizons in return for Dappers, Nation Fame, and Faction Points. This document is one big spoiler, so stop reading it if you want to try figuring out Water-Carrier by yourself.

This document is for players who are having trouble with certain steps in the process, and also for experienced water-carriers who find themselves having to spend hours typing these complicated instructions into chat windows to help new players learn this tricky task. It is a work in progress, so comments are welcome.

1.2 Why Water-Carry?

If you are starting out and need a source of income, you will initially make ~40K dappers a day for about half an hour of work per day. Your occupation income will rise dramatically with your nation fame and other things, up to a max of 360K per day and 7000 nation points at grade 2 as a citizen with 100 fame.

1.3 Why doesn't everyone do this occupation?

Many people try Water-Carrier and other occupations and become frustrated because of the complexity of the choices, the lack of explanation, and the unforgiving system where if you make a mistake you have to wait until the next day to try again. Hopefully this document can be kept handy as a reference while you attempt to make money from this occupation. Water-Carrying is bewildering at first, but it does become very very routine and easy after about 2 weeks, and the money is great.


2.1 Cash
You will need about 21K dappers for initially riding the new horizons the first time. It is possible you won't need all or any of this, but have it in your inventory.

2.2 Fame
You need at least 0 Tryker Nation fame to be a Water Carrier.

2.3 Location
You need the ability to get to Fairhaven, the capital city of Lakes.

2.4 Danger
You need a willingness to fight or avoid a small number relatively weak creatures on the beaches and dunes near Fairhaven. Generally you can just run around them. Even a new player can do Water-Carrier Grade 1 if they are careful.

2.5 Other jobs
You can only do 3 different occupations at once, so if you are already doing 3 others, you'll need to quit one. ( 2 day cooldown period )

2.6 Cool-down Time
You can only do Water-Carrying once a day. If you have already completed Shipment Board missions in the last 21 hours, the missions will not be available until that time has passed.

2.7 Free Space
You will need at least 20 free bulk in your inventory to do grade 1 Water-Carrying. Make sure it is available before you start.


3.1 Your Boss
Go to Fairhaven Beach, near the Stables, and find a muscular tryker called Be'Sheppy Ezzy standing beside a bulletin board. Ezzy is the master water-carrier, and the board beside him is the Shipment Board.

3.2 Apply for the Job
Right-click on Be'Sheppy Ezzy, and select MISSIONS from the context menu.

Select the first mission "Occupation of Apprentice Water-Carrier", and accept it when it asks.

Say OK to everything he says. He will give you a book about water carrying, some stimulating water, and make you an apprentice water carrier.

3.3 Check to make sure
You are now an apprentice Water-Carrier. Go into your Task Bar / WINDOWS / Identity / Occupations. Refresh. You should see that you are a Grade 1 Apprentice Water-Carrier.

3.4 Note:
when you sign up, or when you click on 'i want another stimulating water', Ezzy will put a blue bottle of 'stimulating water' into the Mission Materials section of your Inventory. Don't confuse these things with the items we collect next. Stimulating Waters aren't important for this tutorial. You can ignore them.


These next steps require a bit of running around, and take about 20 minutes. A mount can make it a bit faster.

The idea is to finish these steps with at least:
4 Water Quality Certificates
4 Reports of the Commissioner Sender

You may, however, collect as many as you want during this time and save them for later.

4.1 Take the two daily missions
Talk to boss Ezzy, select MISSIONS, and take missions 2 and 3:
Obtain Apprentice Water-Carrier Components (1/2)
Obtain Apprentice Water-Carrier Components (2/2)

4.2 Get Directions to the sources
Right-click on your compass, select 'Missions', and then choose the mission that says "Water Source". ( it could also say "Rainwater Silo", "Water of the Lakes", or "Well" )

You should now see a pink arrow at the edge of your compass. It will take you to one of 4 different natural sources of fresh water on the beaches around Fairhaven. Follow the pointer to the location.

4.3 Be Careful
There are hills in the way of some of these locations, you can't always run directly to them.
There are also some low level aggressive animals in the region, new players should be a careful to avoid them, stay close to water, or have a weapon ready.

4.4 Collect Barrels and Certificates
As you get within a few meters of the target, a white target reticle will appear around the water source.

Right click on this. Choose: "Get water at the source indicated on your compass".

A little window will pop up saying "Received Items" and "Water Quality Certificates". Select "Take All"

4.5 Check your bag
Check your Inventory, making sure the "Mission Items" button is pressed. You should now have 1 "Small Barrel" and 1 "Water Quality Certificate" in the inventory. ( or 1 more of each if you had already collected some before this ).

4.6 Important Note about Free Bulk:
Barrels of water use up 5 Bulk in your inventory. Since you must collect at least 4 Barrels to go on to the next steps, make sure you have 20 free bulk in your inventory before you begin water carrying. If you run out of bulk, the silly system won't tell you, it just won't add any new barrels, and you'll be wasting your time. The number of Barrels and the number of Water Quality Certificates should match.

4.7 Go on to the next source
As soon as you accept the Water Quality Certificate, your pink Compass arrow will change to point to the next location to collect barrels and certificates. If you are lucky, it might even stay in the same spot and you can collect another set right where you are. Regardless, continue following the compass and collecting these items until you have at least 4 of each.

4.8 Start the second mission
When you have at least 4 Small Barrels and 4 Water Quality Certificates in the Mission Items section of your Inventory, right-click on your Compass, Select "Missions", and choose "Operator of the Water Company". We now must deliver our barrels to these representatives, and they will give us "Reports of the Commissioner Sender" in return. Run to where the pink compass arrow points. It will be a homin this time, not a water source.

4.9 Give them Barrels in return for Reports
Go up to the Operator of the Water Company, right-click on them, select "Give 1 item". A small transfer window will open saying "MAKE YOUR OFFER", and it will put 1 of your Small Barrels into the first slot. Give it, and 1 barrel will be removed from your inventory. Another window will pop up containing a "Report of the Commissioner Sender". Choose "Take All"

4.10 Go to the next Operator
Now you should have 1 less Small Barrel, and 1 more "Report of the Commissioner Sender". Your pink arrow will point to the next Operator of the Water Company, unless you get lucky and this same guy wants another Barrel. Continue following the compass arrow and giving Barrels, until all your barrels are converted to Reports. You are done when you have no more Small Barrels, and you have the same number of Water Quality Certificates and Reports of the Commissioner Sender. Remember, you need at least 4 of each to make any money from them in the next steps.

4.11 Abandon the two missions
You should abandon these missions now or weird things can happen. They are always available to take again, and you can collect as many Certificates and Reports as you like, any time. Head back to Be'Sheppy Ezzy and the Shipment board now.

You get paid by New Horizons, not by Be'Sheppy Ezzy. The Shipment Board is where you convert your Certificates and Reports into products that New Horizons buys.

These next steps 5.x in this tutorial are *timed*. You have only 5 minutes to complete them, so read ahead and understand what must be done. There is no way to start over once you begin. If you get them wrong, you will get a reduced payout or no payout at all, and you will have to wait another 23 hours to try again. Do not be chatting and distracted during these next steps. This is where most people give up on water carrying, so hopefully this tutorial will make the next crucial steps easier.

5.2 Take the Grade 1 practice mission
Go to the Shipment Board, which is beside boss Ezzy on the Fairhaven beach. Right-click on the shipment board, and select the third mission: "Practice your Apprentice Water-Carrier occupation ( Grade 1 )". Accept the mission when asked.

5.3 Use basic components
When asked: "what do you want to do", choose the option "Use basic components". Improved components don't help us here.

5.4 Give 4 Certificates and 4 Reports to the Board.
Hover your mouse over the Shipment Board. Select "give 2 items".
A transfer window will pop up called "Make Your Offer".
In it will be 4 of your Water Quality Certificates, and 4 of your Reports of the Commissioner Sender.
Select "Give".

A window will pop up starting with the words: "Choose between options and try to obtain the best combination..."
Select "Ok".

5.6 Answer five multiple choice questions
You will now be asked five multiple choice questions, one after the other. Your answers will determine whether you get maximum payout or not. The best answers are as follows:

Question 1: choose 7, water plants
Question 2: choose 5, skins
Question 3: choose 5, barrel
Question 4: choose 3, at force of arms
Question 5: choose 6, yrkanis conservatory

Afterwards, it helps to make a note or memorize the right answers: 7,5,5,3,6

5.7 Collect your product. ( drab water )
A big window called "Occupations" will pop up with details and info, saying what your Yield was. If you answered part 5.6 correctly, your Yield should be 100% and your Products should be 18. If you made a mistake with the multiple choice, the yield and product will be reduced, but you can still sell them.

Move this big window to the side, because it sometimes blocks another window that popped up with it. Under it you should see a smaller white window that gives the option to keep the resulting water, or give it to the Shipment Board. You want to choose:
"Keep the small flasks of drab water for personal use."

( you should only give the drab water to the board if you want to go up to grade 2, which we don't right now. )

Another small window will pop up called "Received Items". It should contain 18 'drab water'
select "Take All".

5.8 Check your inventory for 18 waters.
The timed section is done now. You can relax. Check your inventory. 4 of your Certificates and Reports will have been converted into 18 waters on a black background that says "dread". I assume that is a typo, but that is what it says. If you look at their info, they will be called "Small Flask of Drab Water".
These 18 drab waters are what you can hand in to New Horizons for cash. You can also drink them to give short boosts to stats, but we don't care about that in this tutorial. We want cash. Head over to New Horizons.

5.9 Important Note:
The 5.x steps can only be done once every 23 hours. If you try to do them too soon after the last time, the Missions will be greyed-out. So make a note of when you did it last.


Any New Horizons in any nation will take products from any of the 4 easy occupations ( water-carrier, florister, magnetic-cartographer, and toolmaker ). The higher your fame in that nation, the more money and nation points you will get. You don't need to hand in Water-Carrier products only to the Lakes New Horizons. Choose the nation with your highest fame, or the nation where you want to increase your fame. Handing in a set of occuption products to New Horizons will increase your nation fame in that nation by at least 7 points every time, up to your maximum fame with that nation.

6.1 Say "Hello" to the New Horizons Transporter
Take your 18 drab waters over to any New Horizons in the nation of your preference, and talk to the New Horizons NPC called the "Transporter". Right-click on him/her, select "hello", then select "I want to help you." 1 of 2 things will happen: They will buy them, or they will say they don't need them. These scenarios are covered separately in 6.2 and 6.5.

6.2 New Horizons is full
The Transporter will say "We do not need products at the moment". This means they have enough products and aren't buying any more right now. The only thing you can do is to start riding new horizons around in circles, going to different cities and back again, until you have used up enough of their supplies. This used to take many trips, but it has been changed so that you usually only have to ride it once until they will take more water.

6.4 Important Note:
At the start, riding New Horizons can cut into your profits. It costs 3000 dappers each time until you reach a nation fame of 43. After that it is free. Luckily, the act of selling occupation products to new horizons will raise your nation fame by at least 7 points every time. So, after a week or so of water carrying you will get free rides and the cost problem will go away.

You don't always have to ride New Horizons in circles to make them want to buy your products, it depends on how many people were riding it before you, and how long it has been since the last Occupations player sold them products. But you should be ready to do this boring task, because it happens quite a bit.

6.5 New Horizons needs products
At some point, when you click on "I want to help you", a window called "Support" will pop up, showing what New Horizons wants to buy. As a Water-Carrier, you should select "Give some water".

Another window called Ryzom Arkitect will appear, with an empty box. Click on the empty box, and your 18 drab waters will fill it.

Select "Give". The New Horizons person will take your 18 drab waters and pay you in dappers, nation fame increase, and, after fame is 30 or greater, nation points.

Congratulations, you did it!

Remember to write down the time when you accomplished this. Don't try again for 23 hours in real time, or you won't succeed.


7.1 How many dappers?
The payout depends on your nation fame. At the beginning, with fame around 0, it is about 50K dappers per day, minus the new horizons rides you had to pay for. When your nation fame is 50, it will rise to 90K per day and the NH rides will be free. At fame 100, you will get 180K per day.

7.2 How many nation points?
Nation points are useful because with them you can buy Sap Recharge Crystals, Nation Picks with extra focus, Generic Materials, and Experience Catalyzers. You can't buy those things for dappers.

Until you reach nation fame 30+, you will not get nation points for selling occupation products to New Horizons. When you do start to get nation points, they also increase with fame. You also get considerably more if you are a citizen of the nation where you sell your products. If you are a citizen and get your fame to 100%, you will recieve 7000 nation points every time you sell a set of 18 drab water products to New Horizons. As a point of reference, that is worth 700 max strength sap recharge crystals.

7.3 Can I do other occupations too?
You can register for up to three occupations at a time. But you can only sell a maximum of 2 sets of 18 products each day. If you did a second grade 1 occupation ( say, cartography ), you could double your payout for double the work.

7.4 What about higher grades?
To go to higher grades, hand in your drab water to the Shipment Board instead of keeping it for personal use ( described in section 5.7 in this document ). You won't get paid that day of course. After a couple times doing this, Be'sheppy Ezzy will offer you the option to advance to grade 2.

Be careful! At grade 2 you are sent to Winds of Muse instead of around Fairhaven. The carnivores are more dangerous. Make sure you can handle yourself in that region before you make the commitment to grade 2, because there is no going back to grade 1.

With grade 2, you can convert double the Certificates and Reports each day on the Shipment Board, just like it was a second occupation. Hand one set of 4 as grade 1, and the other as grade 2. The mulitiple choice answers for grade 2 are 2,3,5,7,2. ( again, write this down, don't look it up when the 5 minutes timer is ticking )

If you only do occupations for dappers and nation points, there is never any reason to go higher than grade 2. There are no further payout increases, and you just get sent to more and more difficult regions.

7.5 Can my alt do occupations and give me the rewards?
Yes, mostly. You can get as many of your alts doing occupations as you like. They can then give you the dappers, or buy sap recharge crystals and give them to you. For Marauders, who's nation fame is negative, having a neutral alt that does occupations for them is a way to get cash and recharge crystals. Note however that some things for sale at the nation point vendor, particularly nation picks and generic mats, can't be transferred between players.

8: THE END. I hope this helps a few people

Minimum cooldown to use the Shipment Board: 21 hours
Minumum cooldown after 2 sets of NH sales: 23 hours

Grade 1 multiple choice answers: 7,5,5,3,6
Grade 2 multiple choice answers: 2,3,5,7,2

Minimum fame for Water Carrying: Tryker fame 0
Minimum fame for getting Nation Points: 30
Minimum fame for free NH rides 43

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Great tutorial Jorgy, well done!

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First: This is an amazing tutorial. Hats off to Jorg for taking the time to write it up.

I would like to try to compliment it by describing how to sync the missions for multiple accounts/alts. This took a lot of trial and error but the solution turned out to be quite simple. This has been tested for Cartographer and Water Carrier.


Log in all toons

Take either the first or second gathering mission on all toons

Log off ALL toons (do NOT abandon the missions)

Log in all toons

Complete the FIRST (and only the first) gathering destination for all toons even if they are different.

After that the next destination should be the same on all toons and you should be synced going forward.




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i can verify that this syncing technique works. Good info TG :)

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Ou alors, on ne joue qu’avec 1 seul perso ;)

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Bravo ! Merci d'avoir d'écrit cet exploit
j'espère qu'il sera corrigé :=)
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