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On ne peux plus voyager avec New Horizon. Le pnj ne nous répond pas si on choisi de voyager.

Donc, il ne prend plus les outres non plus, par exemple.

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Multilingual | [English] | Français

Thank you for the report. From what I have heard, Ryzom team knows about the issue since the night (thanks Tuffgong). Unfortunately I have no news about progress. I was investigating New Horizons NPC as well as Guild Island NPC (which also have troubles). It seems that:
  • In case of NH the conversation stops after you ask to travel, ie it is broken at this moment
  • In case of Guild Islands there are missing translations for actions:
    • {starta1} to enter GI
    • {starta2} to abandon GI
    • {starta3} to end conversation

#3 [en] 

THe issue supposed to be fixed, says Ulukyn.

#4 Multilingual 


Oui c'est résolu, j'ai juste testé Avendale et Fairhaven.

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