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Wheel of Fortunate Gubani during Atysmas

The tokens that you can get in the Atysmas events look like this:

When playing the wheel, they allow you to get one fragment of one of the 3 following Atysmas items.
Each time a player get 24 fragments, they can assemble the final item that will give them a reward.

The snowball called: BoomSplash

Once assembled, it allows you to get the usual rewards (flowers, generic materials, potions).

The snowman's head called: Hatysmas

Once assembled, it allows you to obtain ornaments for your apartment (Atysmas special)

The snowman called: Atysmin

Once assembled, it allows you to obtain special rewards (white/red refugee outfits, sticks, plushies, etc.)

Special events :
When assembling the Hatysmas, there is a risk that the Snowman Hollow appears and comes to steal the head he thinks is his own.
Players can then throw BoomSplashes at him, to make him give up and get their Hatysmas back. To do this, players must have complete BoomSplash (24 fragments) in their possession and will be able to choose whether they want to throw 1, 2 or 3 BoomSplashes (1 = 24 fragments, 2 = 48 fragments, 3 = 72 fragments) at the Snowman Hollow. Players may also choose to do nothing, if they wish, or if they may not have enough fragments.

If a player manages to hit the Snowman Hollow, then they recover their reward. Otherwise the Snowman Hollow flees… and so does the reward.

When assembling the Atysmin there is a risk that the Grinch appears and comes to steal the snowman because he hates Atysmas...
A player may then throw Hatysmas at him, to make him give up and get their Atysmin. The way that the rewards may be obtained is identical to the one described above.

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I just 'knew' there were spooks at work around here! ( i definitely need to get done speedily with snowbomb and snowman then ) ...there will be no white flag upon my snowman nor on my snowman hat 8! ...i have not yet begun to fight to retain them !! 8! 8)

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1.  I have been advised that one should only use the Atysmas Tokens on the Island.

2.  When you assemble anything we get from the wheel, (wigs, plushies, ryzomhome item, mount, zig, etc) a new item appears in your inventory.  When I assemble anything from Atysmas token rewards,  (Boomsplah, Hatysmas, Atysmin) ... nothing appears in my inventory.  Is this normal ?

3.  If I assemble a Hatysmas / Atysmin and the snowman / grinch is supposed to appear and try and steal ... I don't see a snowman / grinch pop.   I just see a popup window, that is in french, half the time the window is smaller than the info it's trying to display so can only read parts of it.  And as I can't see any "boomsplashes" in inventory, it woukld appear I am unarmed.  I expected that these would appear like "water bombs"

Can anyone shed light on what I am supposed to be seeing ?

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Les boomsplash sont souvent masqués par un problème de dimension de la fenêtre d'inventaire. Il faut l'agrandir dans le sens droit-gauche.
Il vaut mieux commencer par assembler les Atysmin, à mon sens.
Si le grinch apparait pour voler l'atysmin il faut avoir assez de fragments d'Hatysmas et donc ne pas avoir assembler les Hatysmas auparavant.
En assemblant les atysmin, on peut gagner des objets d'Atysoël comme les batons étoilés etc. mais si le grinch le vole, on a rien.
Je pense que les chances de toucher le Grinch avec une seule Hatismas sont tellement faibles qu'il ne faut pas le tenter.


Kyriann Ba'Zephy Rie
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À chaque fois que j'ai assemblé un Atysmin, le grinch a débarqué. Je ne sais pas comment se situent les probabilités, mais mon expérience est de 100% d'apparition du grinch. Donc je ne sais pas si j'aurai beaucoup d'Hatysmas au final, vu tout ce qu'il faut dépensesr pour contrer le grinch.

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Boomsplashes are often masked by a problem with the size of the inventory window. It needs to be enlarged in the right-left direction.

It's better to start by assembling the Atysmin, in my opinion.
If the grinch appears to steal the atysmin you need to have enough Hatysmas fragments and therefore not to have assembled the Hatysmas before.

By assembling the atysmin you can gain Atysmas items like star sticks etc. but if the grinch steals it, you get nothing.

I think the chances of hitting the Grinch with a single Hatismas are so low that you should not attempt it.

1.  I normally keep it 10 icons wide ... makes it easy to count.  Exactly what will I see in my invemtory after I assemble 24/24 ?    That is when I have 72/24 Boomsplash fragments ... and I assemple one ... what should I see ?  ...widening it I get nothing extra in inventory window.

2.  Exactly what am I fighting the grinch and snowman with ?  Boomsplashes or boomsplash fragments ?


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2.  Exactly what am I fighting the grinch and snowman with ?  Boomsplashes or boomsplash fragments ?

You are fighting the grinch with Hatismas fragments (so you don't have to assemble it previously) and the snowman with the boomsplash fragments too.

For the reward, when you assemble boomsplash, you gain, for example, some raw material or flowers you have to collect like everything. They don't spawn in the bag directly.
You don't gain boomsplashes when you assemble the fragments !

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Kyriann Ba'Zephy Rie
Cheffe de la guilde Bai Nhori Drakani
Mère de famille

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But that's the point... "If I  assembled a [insert atysmas item here] .. It should be in the inventory.   Otherwise why assemble it ?  Just say you need 30 BS parts to fight the grinch.  Every other item you 'assemble" subsequently appears in inventory.

What made it more cnfusing was support response saying I should be assenbling them and if I wasn't it must be about display errors and GFX card issues being responsible for not seeing the assembled items.


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