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No. This forum section is mainly not read by the Ryzom Team.

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and the selection of ideas must be based on the best ones



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No. This forum section is mainly not read by the Ryzom Team.

Of course not! Why would it be? It's not like they're CDPR :p


Do not assume that you speak for all just because you are the loudest voice; there are many who disagree that simply have no desire to waste words on you.

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Actually, by whatever means reached, it seems to me that the one or the other idea offered here does make it on into the ears of some GMs and/or devs... since some actually do get included within the patches actually provided ;) ( at least that seems to me to be the case ). Assuming i am not just imagining that, then calculating how much this forum for ideas has historically influenced the further development / improvement of Atys based upon the various statuses (accepted etc) just might miss the mark by a bit. (imho of course ;)

The ideas presented here, while in fact getting noticed, would then normally simply get reflected upon in private by GMs and devs without their commenting about their initial or other findings thereupon. The giving of ideas here can then continue unabated without risk of its turning into a pro / con discussion of individual ideas as they are given. <-- sounds to me at least plausible and even clever. 8)

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The only real problem I have with storage is the event releated items.   A Candy Cane could share "bulk" with the punpkin stick for example .... essentially, one item multiple skins ... Pumpkin Hat reskinned is an elf hat.  And yes, you'd have to earn each skin.


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