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The Empire's Shield: conclusion - Replenishment (Continuing)

Gramald Xarius was lingering in his office, considering the message he would deliver to the imperial couriers when Pyntis Cean, his assistant, made her appearance.

- Ha Pyntis ! Do you have what I requested? ?
- Ney, Gramald.

She handed him a pile of documents.

- Is there everything?
- Ney, the information we have on all the guilds established in the sharük, patriotic or not.
- Very well.... Tell the couriers to get ready.

Résident of the Empire,

You must be well aware that the Marauders' latest incursion once again interrupted the work of the Empire's Shield, just as we were about to launch the very last construction site.

With the help of dedicated homins, we were able to gather some of the resources needed for the resumption, however, time is running out and so we turned to the Barkers' tribe once again.

I once again call on the vital forces of the Burning Desert to help me in times of need.

The gladumakos of Thesos, Ibiritis Ibirus, will soon escort a convoy of the highest importance to the worksites, and I ask you, patriot or just friend of the Empire, to mobilize your troops, and if necessary to gather all the homins you consider worthy of trust in order to assist her in this task.

If everything goes as planned, the Barkers will normally give us the results of their labour on 14h - Quinteth, Floris 5, 1st AC 2606(*).

Discretion is still required, in order to limit the risk of interception of any information by the Marauders clans, I ask you not to disclose this date to your allies until the very last moment.

Sharük pyrekud.

Gramald Xarius
Imperial Academician
Chamber of Honor, Chair of the Shield

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[OOC] Meeting point at Northlake trading post.(Oflovak's Oasis)[/OOC]

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Azazor observe l'avancement des travaux des défenses de Thesos. Il pense tout bas:

"J'espère que ce sera terminé cette année de jena. C'est justement le centenaire de la victoire fyros sur les matis aux mines de sciures. ça ferait un beau symbole..."


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