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I'm newby and logging in for the first time today I noticed that my character was rubber banding quite a bit at some points while playing. Generally my latency is around 200. I am located in Europe with a proper internet connection. I did reset my router as someone suggested in the uni chat, I also did a system restart, I mean why not.
But this did not change anything for me.

Some other people in the chat also noted they had problems with rubber banding that comes and go's.

Someone in the uni chat noted that Ryzom was patched recently and that he/she noticed that after patches some rubber banding seemed to occur before. Is there anything that can be said about the rubber banding.

Thanks :)

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I've been having issues too, it's never been this bad. I read they had issues with the last patch and had to re-roll, no idea if that has anything to do with it.

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We know we have experienced a lot of please wait during the Anlor Winn events, and a little bit after, but seems to be ok now ?

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For some reason there are still intermittent rubber banding issues. Yesterday, for roughly 10 minutes, I could barely walk.

So, no, not fixed after the Anlor winn events finished.


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