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Bending over her desk, Ibiritis Ibirus studied the plans of the future ramparts of Thesos. The work was progressing well and the strategist was beginning to regain hope. After all these years, the work had resumed and the construction phases followed one another without too many clashes. A first incursion had damaged the first phase of the construction site, but the marauders had not reappeared aroud Thesos since.

Ibiritis made her mind wander on the colours of the old map painted on the wood. Things were definitely looking good. The strategist could rest and let herself slip into some reverie.

Gladumakos? Strategist?”

Ibiritis looked up at the soldier who had just come in.

“Yes Thecaon?
— A message from our spies, Gladumakos. There would be movement among the Marauders. Chei...” The soldier reread the note. “...Pui-Yan is gathering the Clans. Apparently he would send them here to harm the ramparts construction site.
akep Thecaon. I will go to Pyr as soon as possible to ask sharükos for some troops to reinforce Thesos. Does the spy specify when the attack will take place?
— Well... it would be imminent Gladumakos. In fact, according to the spy, the Marauders should already be here.”

Ibiritis Ibirus jumped up.

detal! And you couldn't begin with that?! Tell the soldiers to gather around! And tell Lykidix to regroup all the Patriots he will find in Thesos. No, not just the Patriots. He must bring all those who do not wear a marauder armor in front of the ramparts! gey-gey-zakün!!”

As the imperial soldier stormed out of the fortress, Ibiritis grabbed her heavy Stavon sword. Never rest, never daydream.


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Due to an incident within the animation team, the event
The Shield of the Empire: The Thesos stockpile Robbery will finally be performed on Friday, October 25 at 19h UTC.

We apologize for this last-minute change and hope to see you all on Friday.

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Ibiritis Ibirus was more than satisfied overall.

With the handful of defenders she had been able to gather following the warning of her spies, they had managed to thwart the Marauders in their attempt to plunder the site.

Unable to recover their packers, the Marauders clans had left them behind, as well as the cargo that their mektoub-driver had somehow managed to load into the bags.

But the Clans had not withdrawn until they had been able to inflict serious damage on resources: oil and sap escaping from crushed jars and now impregnating the sawdust, crates of wood overturned and their contents shattered to pieces.

Despite her invective - or perhaps because of it, she thought - the damage report was slow to come, which was not a good omen. She may need to call on the patriots again to quickly compensate for the losses. Or even worse... begging for the help of the Barkers.

However, something more worrying was on her mind: the presence at the head of the marauders of this giant homin - probably a zorai given his size and his dragging gait - entirely concealed under a red armor. She had never seen him before. But she had heard a lot about him.

Akilia Storm of Ashes' second in command, The Scarlet, was back.


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- ... Ibiritis?

Her face crimson, her jaw clenched, Ibiritis Ibirus gazed up at his interlocutor with shining anger.
- Their conditions are unacceptable, Gramald. How can they expect me to agree?
- They know we are in need....
- I can tell ! But it won't happen !
- Do I need to remind you that the sharükos is getting imp...

Iribitis slammed her desk with her fist.
- The sharükos is not the only one getting impatient!

Gramald Xarius held Ibiritis' gaze, but showed no other reaction to the strategist's vehemence.
It was better to let the storm pass. After a few minutes of heavy silence, he resumed in a calm voice.

- Should I inform the Barkers' tribe that we reject the terms of their offer?

Ibiritis considered her options. The academician was right: they were stretched to the very limit. However....

- No, try to temporize. Let us first address the patriots. Our needs are not that huge, are they?
- A handful of motivated volunteers could surely manage to gather what we need in a reasonable time, but....
- Very well. Make a proclamation to that end. If I can avoid resorting to Pebus Ibiraan, I'll be better off. And Gralmald....
- Yes?
- Plan broadly. Let's get this over with!
- Obviously!

Gramald Xarius nodded curtly at the strategist and took his leave.

That very evening, posters appeared in all the Empire's gathering places.

Patriots, Friends of the Empire,

The last marauder attack at Thesos seriously depleted the Empire's Shield's resource supplies, preventing the construction of the very last rampart from being launched.

Once again, the sharük is calling for your help to gather the necessary materials to complete the last set of towers.

Here is the list of materials required:

- Choice desert wood, Motega or Tama, quality 200 or higher: 20,000
- Choice desert sap, Visc or Silverweed, quality 200 or higher: 5,000
- Choice desert oil, quality 200 or higher: 15,000
- Timari skin, quality 150 or higher: 2,500
- Varinx ligament, quality 150 or higher: 4,000

These materials will have to be delivered to Aemodon Apotis, at the base of Thesos fortress.

Sharük Pyrèkud!

Gramald Xarius
Imperial Academician
Chamber of Honour, Chair of the Shield
Last visit Sunday, 21 April 14:26:38 UTC

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