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Event creator: Heernis
Event type: Player
Suitable levels: All, level 240 and higher Lakeland harvesters lead the teams

Time of the event: Saturday, 5 October 2019 18:00:00 UTC (1 year ago).
Estimated duration: Depends on the number of participants
Meeting point: Avendale stable

Affected homins: Anyone who enjoys harvesting.
Synopsis: Harvest up to the Kami explosion and collect the crop yields for a fair distribution.
Further information:

All I heard was a dull bang surrounded by yellow-golden mist that flooded from the ground like a fountain. Has it now happened to me? The next moment I saw something. No I could not believe it. A bright light which felt like the manifestation of evil and yet radiated warmth. It spoke something, but not a voice, but like the innermost desire of my heart and yet it was not me. Think me crazy, but that was NOT ME! This voice of my heart spoke penetratingly. It seemed like eternity to me. It showed me in pictures a place that was dark. There was no sky, no stars! I was afraid. Shining creatures wander through a mist. Then I reached a floating point. The voice screamed, but in a pleasant sound and repeated it like a mantra:

"Five is the number. You have no choice."
"Harvest much more. Make everything empty."

Then, thanks to a healer, I was awakened from my passed out state.

What can that mean? I must know. It must be harvested again in the lagoons of Loria so that this light appears to me. I know it. Then I get the whole message!
To all truth-seeking homins and hominas!

Come and help me get the rest of the vision!
Let's solve the mystery of the mysterious light!

Meeting point is the stable of Avendale on 18h - Holeth, Harvestor 12, 2nd AC 2605.

I look forward to seeing you!

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#2 Multilingual 

Multilingual | [English] | Français


While digging (in the Seed team), I took a lot of lucios...

Images on wiki are there:


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Thanks, it was  very fun D




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