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I propose a new tab in the Guild Info window: Logging.
It will show a chronological list of items added to and removed from the guild inventory.

An entry would look something like this:

<timestamp>: <player><ADDED/REMOVED><amount> OF <itemname>

Entries more than a couple weeks old would disappear.

Implementing this would avoid the big storm of mistrust when something valuable disappears from your guild hall.

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Do what you *NEED* to do for yourself. No need to force yourself to do something that isn't good for you. Ryzom is a game and should be played for fun. Real life first. ☻

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Molly approves!

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my guild is small, but if it was biggr -- yeah, i'd totally want to know who had been naughty. i even got thrown out of a guild once, because the guild learder suspected me. I was innocent, and I said I was innocent, but there was no proof. So .. I like this idea of a guild inventory access log.

This is a good idea
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