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Ryzom: Behind the Scenes #2

Liebe Spieler,

wir freuen uns, euch die zweite Ausgabe von 'Behind the Scenes' präsentieren zu können.

Diesmal geht es um den großen Verlust innerhalb der Ryzom-Teams, indem wir Tamarea und Tykus, die Ryzom-Heads, interviewen und über Arionasis (CSR) und ihre Leidenschaft sprechen.

Außerdem gehen wir gerne tiefer auf euer Feedback ein, indem wir Fragen zum zukünftigen Belohnungssystem und zum Rad des glücklichen Gubani beantworten.

Wir hoffen, dass es euch gefällt!
-Ryzom Team

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Hello staff,
No I didn't enjoyed it (I tried), in all respect here is my feedback:

Don't take it badly right, but I did hope for something more interesting about Ryzom in these nice article.
Technically there is only the Ulukyn stuff that show to people the game still wish to develop actively..

You should open a little blog for this, call it a behind the scenes is a bit too much, or is it really the active Ryzom scene??

Ulukyn: The Wheel is only one of the reward systems we wanted to put in game. If it was finished before the others it is because, as it was in theory longer to build, we started working on it earlier... until a she-player proposed an excellent first version, which we finally only had to embellish and optimise.
Really... she-player? ..
I don't even know what is that "she-player" thingy, translation issue maybe?

Could be nice to tell people for once who did most of the job on that wheel, Reiyana from the Forge.
She deserve the staff to respect her work at the very least.

Otherwise check this:

Do you really think people will buy anything with implication?
Its a scam, how do you want to promote and give a good image of a currency system if you trick people with it, the price is insane.
No wonder people want the New Horizon back.

And my personal feedback as a disappointed customer, I feel like it is been year that you talk only about wheel of fortune.
The game gravitate only on it, the staff throw us the wheel every time at every occasion, this just isn't normal for a unique science fantasy MMORPG (like stated on the website.)

The wheel (it is a gambling game) should have been just a discrete addition in a corner, just a little +
A feature to notice and say damn this is nice.
Not a total Ryzom core gameplay, It make no sense.

You did promote it for months and months like it is the revolution of the year, the improvement of the game.
That just laughable.

Meanwhile players wait for real content additions, and the more time passes, the less players wait.
You get scared when no ones subscribe anymore, back up your opinion and features, try to swim at the surface to not drown, while been pulled deep down by your lax incompetency.

I wish the game give us something to eat really.

Actually if you sub, you play 1 or 2 days then you have NOTHING to do.
That the issue with this game, you have nothing to do.
Everything is static, nothing change, nothing appeals or is eccentric enough to peek your attention.

Not talking about a 10 years player that still do not know how the supreme digging work or how the parry/dodge stats work.
We will step aside the 10 years player that is still astonished by a Hornchers repop.

But real end game players, the players you are losing since years because they have nothing to do anymore.

Check the tons of idea to improve the end game in the forum, it show you how people tried to do a change, tried to keep their hope before just leaving and giving up on the staff.
Forum is full of these peoples, years ago, months ago, weeks ago, and you keep ignoring it.


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Not talking about a 10 years player that still do not know how the supreme digging work or how the parry/dodge stats work.
We will step aside the 10 years player that is still astonished by a Hornchers repop.

Heu ... Ça c'est dans tout les jeux sans exception qu'il y a des écarts de niveau énorme entre les joueurs.
Mais ce sujet est intéressant !! Je t'entends en jeu pour t'expliquer davantage ta mécompréhension envers ce genre de joueurs.
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