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Can we get translation of a post and a chat message to our desirable language in game? I am not sure if this feature is already available.. if yes, please let me know how to do it.


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I am not sure what you mean.

You can use automatic translation for forum posts, there is a link on top-right corner of each post.

In-game there is an automatic translation being tested, for now on AROUND chat only. Later it will get some options, see last Ryzom Forge meeting report.

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I believe the automatic translation button needs for the post to be tagged in a given language (here, I've tagged it for EN).
Don't cross the multilingual button.

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The actual translation feature in the forum is google based I think, and it is really really horrific.
Use DeepL :)


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Thanks for the update Moniq, Krill, Revvy :)
I posted this when I found some posts under "IDEAS FOR RYZOM" section in a language other than English and there was no option available to translate it to English.
For example under "Accepted" Section, check the first post "Soins Vie, Sap et Stamina". There is no option available to translate this post to English.

I was not aware of the auto-language translation before posting this, but now I do. I also found that, most of the posts are getting properly translated because of the language tagging (as Krill said). If a post doesn't get translated because of no language tagging, then can we select a language and get the translation done ourselves after selecting source/destination language?
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