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Invitation to a big group digging party!

Sniff the gas and feel the explosions under your ass.... together! We'll form a complete group and even start leagues! Prepare for it.
  • Help others improve their harvesting skills
  • Support others in their crafting skills.
  • Let the kami tolerance drop to zero!
If you want to trek your packers and don't dare trek them yourself, meet me the day before (or ask someone else).
We then make a big caravan: Friday, 16 August 2019 17:00:00 UTC (7 months ago)

Digging time: Saturday, 17 August 2019 17:00:00 UTC (7 months ago)

This time in the lagoons of Loria

Everyone is welcome! I am looking forward to an active participation!

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Ablaufplan der Karavane:
  • Wir sammeln uns am Stall von Zora um 17:00:00 UTC.
  • Und laufen in Richtung Pyr um 17:30:00 UTC los.
  • Voraussichtliche Ankunft in Pyr ist 18:15:00 UTC.
  • In Pyr warten wir dann noch bis 18:30:00 UTC.*
  • Dann geht es weiter nach Yrkanis mit einer voraussichtlichen Ankunftszeit von 19:15:00 UTC.
  • Dort warten wir dann erneut 15 Minuten bis 19:30:00 UTC.*
  • Dann werden wir nach Yrkanis aufbrechen und vorraussichtlich um 20:15:00 UTC da sein.
(*)Hier können Tiere gefüttert werden und andere, die sich der Karavane anschließen wollen, können hier Anschluss finden.
(#)Die Zeiten sind eine grobe Schätzung. Es ist immer besser vor der Zeit da zu sein.

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What? Is this a trek or a digging party?

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What? Is this a trek or a digging party?

The trek is only for those who want to trek their packers. It is one day before the digging party.

More information about the digging party will come soon. ;-)


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The Mektoub caravan was a complete success!

Thanks to everyone who supported or just joined us!

At the Digging Party there are some rules, though:

§1 Heernis is right.
§2 If Heernis is not right, rule 1 comes into effect.

:joke banner:

Just a few things:
  • Master harvesters should prefer to harvest for other lower levels.
  • Preferably basic and fine materials should be dug, so that each race can also use these.
  • We will all be in the same team or league. This means every source carer should respect the harvesting technique and use either "stabilization only" or "stabilization and life preservation". (Preference is usually given to "stabilization only")
  • If a source explodes or gas escapes, fireworks are started to celebrate!
  • Barrels with Lakeland beer or Shooki liquor are welcome and will be left at the tower of the camp. There everyone can take a break and recover from the hard bone job in between.
  • Aetis Zessen, the hawker, will probably be there all evening. Surpluses will be offered for sale at the Hawker at a 0% surcharge to celebrate the day.
  • Focus flowers and larvae can be picked up at my place. Everyone, who has also something to offer in focus boosts, is invited to distribute these freely.

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How was the event?


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