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August promotional offer on Atys!

Dear players, come and join us on Atys for a festive August!

Ah the month of August... Its holidays, its overwhelming sunshine, the irresistible desire to escape from everyday life, to enjoy an ice cream, to sip a refreshing drink... And why not go to a beach on Atys, in the shade of an Olansi?

I can hear you from here! "It will be hot there too!" Don't worry, we have planned everything to offer you a dream stay! In August, connect your Premium account or subscribe for a minimum of one month and let yourself be surprised!
Indeed, to thank you for your loyalty, we are offering you from August 1 to 31, 2019 5,000 choice tokens on your Premium account(s), to try your luck at the Wheel of the Fortunate Gubani and help you finally win this new haircut or Gubani mount!
I didn't mention the permanent title we'll also give you, "Water Bomb Specialist"? POP ! Mouahah!!!!!

"But, wouldn't it be necessary to actually use water bombs to give consistency to the title? "I can hear you asking from here... Of course! So our animation team will also make them available so that you can cool off on hot summer days! And yes: throwing water bombs at your favorite CSR will be allowed! *wide smile*.
Beautiful water battles in prospect!

The icing on the cake? Your water bomb will remain active after August! And it will give your target a bonus that we let you discover....

You are not a Premium player and do not plan to become one? If you can't be the person who throws the water bomb, you can always be the one targeted. SPLOSH !! Guaranteed cooling effect!

And also participate in the famous Atys Games which will take place throughout August! Will you put your name on the list of legendary winners?

The Ryzom team

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What is 'premium account'?

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What is 'premium account'?

An account with a subscription...


Everone has an opinion, and of course are entitled to have one, but others are equally entitled to decide whether they choose to agree or disagree. Acting like a complete Muppet isn't likely going to change minds or win support :)

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Effectivement, un bon séjour dans l'Ile Enchantée aux milieux des torbaks, des zerxs, des kinchers, etc., etc., et de ces con* de cutes ça pourrait laisser rêveur...@@

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